Snow, the Holidays, and Not Quite Healed

The big snow storm for North Carolina?

Wasn’t. At least not in my area. I love the snow, I’m like a kid with candy when it snows. So the inch or so we got wasn’t enough for me but I did enjoy the little bit that fell. One of the best things in life is to sit in front of a window or door, curled up nice and cosy, and watch it softly fall creating a new world as it does.

Christmas. A time of year I look forward to, dread and come damn close to hating every year. I feel Grinchy as I write this but who the hell came up with this holiday? The dad in Christmas with the Kranks? I was with him every step up of the way and I about cried when he had to give up his vacation. As someone who hasn’t had a vacation in years I wanted him to have that vacation. In the end he did the right thing but man…I’d still be whining about it.

Most years I just slog my way through Christmas. Everyone comes to my home so I have a  lot of cleaning and cooking to do. Most of the time I’m too stressed and tired to enjoy it. I’m just grateful to make it through.  This year I thought it would be just family and I wouldn’t have to be quite so thorough in my cleaning. Just the basics and I’m done. I hadn’t even planned to decorate. Well, I found out my brother is bringing his new girlfriend and that changes things. I’ve never met her and this is the first woman he’s brought to meet the family since his divorce. I’d like her to come back so you know what that means. Yep, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. And decorating.


The only problem is I’m not quite healed from the surgery. I’ve just returned to work, I shopped for gifts yesterday and today I’m in agony. I’m also up to my armpits in fishwater, right now, and I’ve got to get all this stuff done. I’m praying for a miracle.

I’m reading through this blog and just realized. I do have miracles. Their names are Paul and Tracey. As I write this they’re tearing apart the living room and erasing the signs of my recent convalescence and should I even mention this? Eww. A dead mouse was found behind my hutch. Maybe the girlfriend coming is God’s way of saying, “You needed to clean, honey.”



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  1. Ruth Baker
    Dec 23, 2009 @ 17:56:01

    Hi Honey,
    Cleaning and preparing for visits is the only strong motive there is for doing it. I love visits they gets my butt in gear to clean up messes that sit sometimes for weeks because I chose to ignore them. I am cluttery and I hate myself for being that way. Even right now I see piles of things that need to be sorted and put away. I know the problem is lack of organization and just doing it. I’ll make that my promise for next year, to organize and be more tidy.

    I love Christmas, yet it can be sad because my family can never be all together. Drew has lost his visits and phone calls because he tried to trade Greeting cards for canteen supplies he needed. He had lost canteen back some time ago for getting in fight to protect himself. Prison is hellish not only for inmates but for the families of inmates. But then so many people suffer this time of the year, depression stikes and far too many end their lives or try too.

    Dispite hardships I’m glad to live another year to see Christmas and having done without it for 30 years has made me appreciate it even more. The lighted trees, cards, smiling children and beautiful pointsetta make me smile. My family whom I love including all of you and how much I wish you joy and love this holiday season.


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