Goals Met

There were only three. One was…

to clean the fish tank. Done. The second was to clean our master bathroom. Done. I cleaned them both just before my surgery and they both held up remarkably well but it was definitely time for some cleaning to be done.

Paul and Tracey cleaned the living room thoroughly and did some other chores. I’m quite pleased with everything we accomplished this weekend. ┬áPaul got rid of the mouse. I still can’t believe that. I remember seeing the cats surround the hutch and watch it intently but I never in my wildest dreams thought a mouse was back there.

The third was to visit Paul’s Uncle Clarence. Done. He’s in the hospital but hopes to come home in the next couple of days. He and his wife were both very happy to see us. I was happy about that. Paul needs to see that from someone in his family. We will try to visit them again this week.

I did not get any writing done this weekend. I hoped I would have time but I was so exhausted it just wasn’t possible. I’m not sure any writing will be done this week as we get closer to Christmas but I will strive for it. As I sit here typing this my eyes are trying to close. I may have to doze in the chair awhile. I thought my clothes were drying in the dryer. Turns out you actually have to turn it on for that to work. Oh, well.



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  1. Texanne
    Dec 25, 2009 @ 02:29:50

    Hi, Fantasy/CurioCat. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas. Rest, be with the ones you love. Come back stronger. :)TX


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