Christmas Eve

Here at last.  Lord what a long day.

I did not get the decorations up. We’ve got one lone Santa sitting on the dvr. It’s highly ironic

considering I never taught my kids about Santa Claus. We just told them we were celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Finished shopping.

 We got a cute little tree to set beside Santa, two poinsettas and a Snoopy ice skating rink all the characters from the cartoon skate around a Christmas tree. Kind of tacky but it only cost $9.99 and I’ve never let tacky stop me before. Tried to find a manger scene but none to be found so late in the season.

My mother called about a puppy my niece found and wants me to take it temporarily. What could I say? He’s a black lab mix. Cute little booger but he has to go soon. No. More. Animals. Paul took it well. I promised him the pup would be found a home. So a full house tonight. All our animals plus Rex, who is staying with us for the holiday, and a pup who is at full throttle with mouth wide open.

Got a call from Amanda. She has a friend who wants the pup for a Christmas present. She’s to pick him up at midnight. We will be having a talk about responsibilities and this had better be a permanent home with a nice yard.

While all this is going on I’m cooking, cleaning and running back and forth to the heating pad and the computer. I’m working on fudge now. Just finished roasting the almonds. Time to go sit with the heating pad a bit.

Amanda picked up puppy. He’s been wormed and given his shots. Said a prayer for him. Amanda said she would check on him and make sure he’s ok.

Fudge made.

Bread crumbs made.

Veggies for stuffing cut up.

Tracey gave me her gift. It’s a gorgeous purple harlequin mask, a moon snuggling with a sun. Enough sparkly stuff to satisfy the eye.

Vitamins taken.

Turkey thawing.

Dogs fed and watered for last time.

Cats asleep.

Fish fed.

The rest of the animals ok til morning.

Finally my turn.



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