The Day After Christmas

Yes! Made it through and it was lovely. I appreciate….

more than I can say the fact my kids still hang around and I have my parents, my brother, niece and her son come for dinner. The girlfriend, too. It’s hard work and I whine about it but I get a good deal of satisfaction in making a big meal and watching my family enjoy it.  I sent Christmas dinner over to my sisters in law and my mother in law by way of Paul. Donna is in the final stages of cancer so they weren’t able to join us this year but Paul tells me they enjoyed it and I’m glad about that. He had a semi warm Christmas dinner with me when he got back cause I waited on him.

Yes, the stove caught on fire. Under the potatoes.  Fortunately the potatoes did not scorch and the fire blazed only for a minute. My mother’s stove caught on fire last year.  I guess it was my turn this year. I burnt my fingers a bit when I yanked the potatoes off the burner & the water sloshed over  them but it’s not too bad. Could have been a lot worse. And honestly the unholy joy John, my son in law, gets when the stove catches on fire is funny as hell.

The only other small glitch was our dryer died. Paul spent a good part of the morning at the laundromat washing couch/chair covers. This month has been rough on us. First the car and now the dryer. I keep repeating, “It’s going to be alright, it’s going to be alright.”

I mentioned the girlfriend. Her name is Cheryl. It went well I think. I wasn’t too sure at first but when I inadvertantly insulted my ex sister in law she warmed up a lot more. I think she knows Angie, at least it’s my understanding that her daughter and Amanda ran around together. God, the mind boggles. Two of Amanda. Shuddering here. But the insult was this: I have eleven cats and 2 1/2 dogs. Shit happens. A lot. Literally. They crap and vomit and I have found stuff I don’t even have a clue. I just clean it up and try not to look too close. Lol. There is hair everywhere and it gets into everything. Don’t care how well you clean, you’re gonna find a cat or dog hair somewhere. I clean the kitchen from top to bottom so that won’t happen when I have guests. I clean it anyway because I don’t like it either but with guests nothing is left unturned.  So I made a small joke about hoping she liked the food and I was pretty sure there weren’t any cat hairs in it. She gives me a sort of horrified look so I had to explain it was an inside joke. When we went to eat with Angie and Scott the few times we did invariably we would be picking cat hairs out of our food. I’ve always thought it funny and make jokes about it. I don’t know that Angie would think it was funny but if you’re going to serve cat hair then you should expect some commentary. Anyway after that she opened up more and was very nice. I was tickled to find out she’s Team Edward, as am I, so we had something in common. We had a lively discussion if it was shallow to prefer Jacob’s pecs (Holly, Tracey) over Edward’s romanticism (me, Cheryl).

I really had a nice Christmas this year. Yes, I was stressed and I kept trying to fall asleep but it was wonderful. Landon, Amanda’s son, spent the day with us while she worked. Tracey and Holly had a ball with him. He was wide open and, for a nearly three year old, speaks and understands as well as some adults. He didn’t eat a whole lot of dinner because he kept sneaking cookies and fudge. Come to think of it that’s probably why he was wide open. Even with the all the toys he received I think he enjoyed playing with the dog crates (he would make the girls crawl in and lock them up or vice versa) or when John would swing him upside down while he shot everyone with his toy laser gun the most. The girls were exhausted when he went home with Grandpa.

Holly and John bought me an excellent camera. I think I jumped up and down like a little girl when I opened it.  I can’t wait to learn how to upload pictures from it onto the computer.  My hands are rubbing in glee here. I’ve got pictures already I’m excited to share.

It’s time to go get dressed. Visiting Donna today. Tomorrow we’ll visit with Martha and Clarence.

I’m turning on the heat first. My nose is cold.

Oh. Before I go. Paul worked on the dryer while I blogged. It seems to be working now. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and saying a little prayer.

He’s a great husband.



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  1. Ruth Baker
    Jan 05, 2010 @ 23:34:21

    Sounds like you had a really good Christmas and being surrounded by family and friends is what it is all out, stress and all.

    Love Ya Sis,


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