Families Again

We’ve been going over…

to my mother in law’s home for the last several nights and tonight, I think, was the most calm and least stressful. It has been good to see the brothers and sister together again. I just wish Donna could have been there, too.  I have not seen Jimmy since Saturday. I wish he would stay home but perhaps it’s best for now he’s not and he is where he needs to be to get through the loss of his mom. 

Paul and Connie are always funny together. They had photo albums out looking for pictures of Donna for her wake/visitation on Wednesday. I enjoyed seeing the pictures and listening to them poke fun at themselves and each other. It is hilarious.  There was one of Paul that reminded me of Elvis Presley and Elaine, Connie’s wife, also thought so. He was a cutie. We brought some of them home to make copies of now that I’ve got my nifty All In One HP Officejet Pro working right. Spent all day on that sucker, removing and downloading again the software and then figuring out where the pictures are once you’ve scanned them. I found some nice pictures of Donna and Jimmy I hope will print out nicely to be used on Wednesday as well.

I do hope the family will get together more often, now. We shouldn’t wait til one of us is no longer here.

My sister in law Carol hugged me tonight and thanked me for the hard work of making food and bringing it for the last couple of nights. It really was not hard. She and Connie did the hard work of sitting with Donna, doling out her medications and being with her to the very end. What I’m doing in return for them is really very little compared to that. I don’t think Paul could handle it and I know I couldn’t. So I’m very appreciative of them and I’m happy to do this small thing. They have enough food tomorrow so I’m baking peanut butter cookies to take over. Yum.

I did get my camera’s software downloaded today as well. I hope to put up pictures of all my family, including the four legged ones.

I feel very blessed to have a family (even though I’ve spent most of the day kvetching about one family member in particular-that would be my Mom). 

I’m certain those no longer were with us physically are with us in spirit tonight and every night. The four legged ones, too.



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  1. Ruth Baker
    Jan 05, 2010 @ 23:29:08

    I always loved hearing Connie and Paul rib each other, there relationship is close and those two just are in tune with each other’s humor. I hope this situation will give you all a closer relationship because it will be needed in the future.


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