The Visitation And The Wake

What can I say …

about “The Visitation” last night? 

Not a damn thing nice so I won’t at all other than to say I held on to my temper and that was an accomplishment I can be proud of. To be fair I should mention the finger foods were good and the house has been decorated well. 

I will talk about The Wake afterwards though. Myself, daughters, Ruth and her son and my nephew Dirk went out for drinks and talked til about 12:00am at Chili’s. I finally heard some nice things about Donna other than about her smoking. It was more relaxing than previous nights. That might have been the strawberry daiquiri I was drinking but just as likely it was the company I was with. We had a great time talking, drinking, and eating dessert. We talked a little about the “The Visitation”, Donna, my family, something about a farm game on Facebook, buying pink cows and generally caught each other up on things. Paul didn’t come because he was tired. It has been rough on him the last several days. He was white and green (that olive complexion of his) and didn’t look so great himself when we came home. He looks better this morning than he did yesterday.

It was good seeing the cousins together. I’m sorry Jimmy and Drew couldn’t be there. They all look so much alike, like the McGills in looks but not like them in temperament. I’m glad about that. They’re all great kids (adults now), each in his or her own way.

As for the rest well, they’re family, what can I say? I believe in family, even the dysfunctional ones (including mine), and I’ll keep trying if not for Paul’s sake then for the girls. They have a right to know their grandma, aunts, and uncle. This time around they were made to feel welcome and it was appreciated. 

We’re having spaghetti and meatballs per Holly and John’s request tonight. I’m making extra to send over to Paul’s mom and Jimmy. I won’t be going over there but only because Paul wants to stay home to be with his own family.

I’m all for that.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ruth Baker
    Jan 07, 2010 @ 16:46:40

    We did have a great time at Chili’s didn’t we Sis? And seeing my son and your two girls and John talking together warmed my heart. Love was so apparent and we did miss Paul but understood that he was exhausted. Yummy deserts and a nice drink warmed us all up.

    I want to share something about Donna I didn’t really think about till I was on the way home. Donna when she worked in the nursing home fell in love with a very profoundly handicapped boy (a Jehovah Witness family child) named Doss. Doss loved Donna too and Donna became a friend and the family allowed her to bring Doss home to spend a few hours with her and she did this for 8 years of more.

    Doss can’t walk and he is in a wheel chair living in a nursing home since his parents could no longer care for him. Donna used to go visit Doss even when she became so sick she could no longer bring Doss to Grandma’s house and she would take him treats he liked. Doss loved Donna and I know he will wonder why she doesn’t come anymore. Will is Mother tell him that she passed away? I don’t know but Donna loved Doss and if there is an afterlife then Donna will be around to check on him from time to time just like she will on her Mom and her son Jimmy. Donna had big heart and she would do anything to help anyone who asked her.

    If Archie Jr., Elaine & Carol didn’t tell about what a loving and caring person Donna was then they didn’t know her at all. Is it any wonder that Jimmy (Donna’s son) left after only 1/2 hr.

    Donna lived with her Mom for years and cared for her mother who never learned to drive a car all her life. Everyone depended on Donna to get Mom to the grocery store, doctors appointments and when she couldn’t then I filled in till I left Archie.

    When my boys were young Donna came over many times and baby sat so her brother and I could get out and do things without kids under our feet. Donna was a good soul and our sister.


  2. Tracey
    Jan 10, 2010 @ 18:09:47

    I know its been hard these last few weeks. And I just want you to know that I love you and to not worry about anything. Everything is going to be alright. If you don’t believe that then you don’t trust me or God. Mom, I hope you and dad will get everything you need, some of what you want and have the fun you are greatly due.


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