Losing Hope

I ran across this article…..

and it’s heartbreaking to read about. It seem as though no one, not even the boy who had the picture on on his cell phone, is to blame but Hope.  Not the parents, not the school, not the holier than thou community, no one. Hello out there, if you’re so perfect why’re ya still here with the rest of us? Why hasn’t that great spaceship in the sky come down to get ya?

I agree with the article from Sylvia except she doesn’t mention anything about the boy who should  have done the right thing and deleted the picture but instead either forwarded it or allowed a friend to:


Maybe if she’d got paid for posing everyone would have been all admiration?  Think about it. The women who pose for Playboy and magazines like it get adulation and congratulations for something the were either born with or bought. Most likely bought. The morality we have in this country is twisted.

Of all the articles I read concerning Hope, this was the least offensive. Oh the parents, the school, the community still don’t take responsibility for their part in Hope’s despair and suicide but it’s a bit more neutral even though everyone is still patting themselves on the back for helping to make this girl’s life hell because of an error in judgement:


Has everyone forgotten this cliche: People who live in glass house shouldn’t throw stones. 

Everyone makes mistakes but this girl more than paid for hers and, except for her friends. no one was willing to extend her mercy. I recall this quote  from Alexander Pope:  To err is human, to forgive divine. Although I’m thinking all the forgiving should have been on Hope’s part. 

This is all emotion for me. I don’t want to hear about rules, discipline, responsibility for actions, punishment, etc. Sometimes you have to listen and hear then throw the rules out the window and DO THE RIGHT THING! Like have compassion.

Hope. Lord isn’t her name ironic? It’s tragic she lost hers.


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  1. Ruth Baker
    Jan 22, 2010 @ 22:04:33

    Oh Angela,
    My heart breaks for this poor girl and her parents. Every parent ought to understand that it could happen to their own sons & daughters. Society has done all they can to outlaw sex for teens yet kids continue to use technology for that very thing by nude pictures and passing it around to the world. Young men are going to prison because they have nude pictures of their girl friends on their phones and labeled sex offenders the rest of their lives. Young girls like Hope take her life because they feel so shamed. When will society wake up.

    There is no way to prevent teens from being interested in things of a sexual nature, there should be healthy ways to express it without children going to prison or children committing suicide.

    Hope’s name is so ironic, so sad.


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