Surprise in the aquarium and other things

On Saturday I did the monthly cleaning

of my aquarium. In my aquarium are the three goldfish growing nicely, a plecostimus who is over six inches long and two bandit cory catfish. I believed they were all I had until an old friend showed up. I thought he’d died over a year ago but he’s still hanging in there. He’s a green cory catfish and get this-he’s somewhere between ten and fifteen years old.  Yes , he is. We’ve been in this home for about nine years now. He came over with us from our other home and he’d been with us there for years. Could be he’s older than fifteen cause I can’t remember when we got him.  The bandit corys themselves are about nine years old cause I got them just after we came here. The pleco is around five or six years. Maybe older but not by much. The only thing I can figure is the green cory is hiding under the rocks and when I move them to clean he’s moving right with them. With the gunk stirred up in there when it’s cleaning time it would be easy to miss him. As for bodies-there usually isn’t any. With a pleco the size of the one I have …welll we’ll just say he eats good sometimes.

While cleaning the aquarium I listened to Susan Boyle and Kansas on CD. I’d also picked up Roy Orbison but finished cleaning before I could get the cd on. After 20 years of having an acquarium of one size or another I could probably clean the things in my sleep.

I’m going to have to get new water filters for the aquarium though. The first ones I bought lasted fifteen years. The ones I have now I’ve had maybe three years? Already they need replacing. Doesn’t say much about manufacturing these days, does it?

I didn’t get any reading or writing done yesterday because Tracey talked me into watching two movies with her. Zombie Girl and My Name is Bruce.

Zombie Girl is really a documentary about a twelve year old girl making a zombie movie. I enjoyed it very much and I’m going to order her movie, Pathogen, from her website. It was fascinating to watch and the film makers didn’t pull their punches. We got to see all the good along with ugly. Mom showing her butt (mostly because she’s tired), Emily making mistakes you would expect a twelve year old to make. Just from watching the documentary I’m curious to see how the movie turned out and I expect the documentary is designed to do that.

My Name Is Bruce starring Bruce Campbell and directed by him. It was cheesy. It was over the top. The acting so so. The script so so. The special effects from the sixties (on purpose-I think). I loved it.  He makes cheerful fun of himself and his movies and I laughed several times watching it. Bruce Cambell fans will get this movie and enjoy it inspite of its flaws.

Today for a variety of reasons I don’t feel so great and as a result nothing much done today except a nap. Hope it doesn’t keep me from sleeping tonight. Paul promised me a massage so hopefully that will help.

I have a long drive to work each day so I get to listen to lots of music on my way in. Here’s another oldie but goodie I heard the other morning:

I definitely remember where I was when this one came out. North Carolina. We’d just moved here and school had already started as usual. I stuck out like a sore thumb. We had moved from Georgia and a school where everyone dressed nicely to a school….let me describe it for you. At the time Randleman High School and Middle School were housed together. The high school students were housed in the first building so you had to walk through it to get to the middle school building connected to it in the back. I’m wearing my prissy grey aline skirt, white blouse, white anklets and black paten leathers. Oh, and I have bows in my hair. Cute, huh? We pull up in the car and I step out into a sea of blue. Blue jeans (bell bottom hip huggers), jackets, bags and hats. Sneakers was the footwear and bandanas used as hair accessories. Not a skirt or hair bow in sight. I do believe the entire school stopped and stared as I walked through the high school to the middle school that day.

Time to make dinner. Tacos. Yum.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ruth Baker
    Jan 25, 2010 @ 13:16:26

    There is something so cleansing about cleaning and healing and when we’re done we feel satisfied with our accomplishment. The movies sound so cool. I like the unusual, I’m sure Tracey comes up with some unique ones to watch. LOL

    The Hollies song brings back memories too, I always loved that song.


  2. curiocat
    Jan 29, 2010 @ 16:24:46

    Tracey does but she gets it from me. We’re so much alike it’s scary. I’m the one who taped the Bruce movie from SyFy. I ordered the Pathogen movie from Zombie Girl and according to the email I got back we should be getting it in the next week or so.


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