Holly’s Visit, Etc.

Holly made it fine to her mother in law’s home in Greensboro.

We got there right after she did and stopped by to get sandwiches from KFC on our way home. Most restaurants were closed or at least their dining rooms were. The roads really weren’t too bad on the way down or while we were eating. On the way back it was a different story. 

It was difficult to see with the snow falling heavily and the roads were becoming rapidly more dangerous as snow covered them. We were being passed left and right but Paul kept us at a steady pace around 40-50 miles per hour. The car swerved a couple of times and he ran off the road but it was nothing serious. It got somewhat better once we got off of 73 at Randleman but let me say once we hit Worthville Rd all bets were off. It is an awful road to travel in adverse conditions. About four miles of winding road with lots of hills and valleys to climb and go down. The first hill we went down fine, the next hill we went up Paul was cussing and positive we weren’t going to make it. The car slid a couple of times but we did get up it. We passed a couple of cars in ditches on the way but Paul’s steady pace and expert driving kept us from the same fate. Plenty of squeals from us along the way, though. Wicker Lovell was fairly quick to get down and we were home.

Rex was delighted to be here. In case I haven’t said, he is a 70-80lb Irish Wolfhound/Deerhound mix Holly adopted last October. He’s about six years old, more or less. He’s gorgeous and a wonderful dog. I love having him here and the last two visits he’s made it clear he likes to come. He was prancing around Friday night, playing with toys and Belle Amie and Jade. Of course it could have just been delight to finally be out of the car but I think he likes us, too. He’s been sleeping at the foot of mine and Paul’s bed on a pallet I made the last several times he has come. I think he finally realizes Holly is his forever home and we’re like his second forever home.  He’ll be staying with us the next week while Holly is in Florida with John.

Tracey talked me into watching Paranormal Activity with her,  Holly and Paul this morning because I refused to watch it before we went to bed. The movie freaks me out. I had nightmares for weeks after I saw it with her the first time.***Spoiler alert.*** The part that freaks me out is not the demonic activities or even the ending where the main character is possessed totally. No, it’s the part where she’s beginning to be possessed and during the night stands and watches her boyfriend for hours while he’s sleeping. It just freaks me out and I wake up with this creeped out feeling someone is watching me. The dogs are fine, the cats are fine so I know it’s just me but even now I’m shuddering. Of course it didn’t have the same effect on  Paul and Holly. It’s hard to get scared in the morning with dogs barking, phones ringing, etc. When we were in the theatre grown men were screaming with the rest of us although theirs was more of a “Hell, no!” type scream.

We also watched Pathogen. We liked it. It was obviously a movie made by a twelve year old but honestly I’ve seen movies made by grown ups that were worse. There were problems with lighting and sound but overall it was okay. There was a good flow to what she was doing and it made sense. It was fun watching the actual movie and pointing out where Emily’s mom was fussing and some of the other stuff from the documentary. The girl has talent. It will be interesting to see where she goes with it.

Alot done today. I cleaned my bathroom, did dishes, bills ($500 electric bill, have mercy!), repotted several plants, read some, watched Duke get whooped by Georgetown (it was Obama’s fault for being at the game), took a nap and cooked dinner. We had meatloaf, mashed potatos and gravy, broccoli, carrots,  and gravy. Yum. I had enough left over for lunch next week. It helps keep down expenses and every little bit helps especially when you have a $500 electric bill. Paul and I both kept checking to see if it was right and it was. I’m expecting it to be high next month, too. It has been a cold winter so far. We did run a kerosene heater today so maybe it will help. I boiled water on top the heater with vinegar in it because my sinuses were bothering me.  Paul didn’t think it would but it sure enough did. He also hooked up the generator and ran it just to see if it would. Worked just fine. With more winter storms expected next week I’m glad we have these things ready to go.

Time for bed. I have to take Holly to the Greensboro airport tomorrow. I’m sitting here laughing to myself thinking, “Good luck, with that!” Paul’s working so yeah, I’m driving.



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