Heya! Good news.

I’m snapping my fingers and

wiggling my butt. Just paid off a credit card. Oh, yeah. Only six more to go. Lol. But man what a great feeling it is to get that one paid off. I’m taking that amount I was paying and applying it to the next card. We’re going to get these suckers paid off.  It has been a long five years but, please God, we’ll be paid off in the next year with everything except our home and it should be paid off shortly after that. Whoo, hoo!

I’m listening to Pearl Jam’s I Am Mine. It has a lot of meaning for me. Being in debt like we were, well I didn’t feel like I was mine. I felt owned and enslaved. It’s a wonderful feeling to know soon I Will Be Mine before too long.  There is no thing worth getting in debt for and feeling like that again.

More good news. Got some writing done today. I was getting a little concerned cause the muse, Curio, was sitting in the window staring out and, like the feline she is, ignoring the hell out of me when I tried to coax her out to play. She was royally pissed, and rightfully so, because I didn’t write down the ideas I had during the holidays and then when Donna died I forgot every frellin thing except one of them. Great. I’ve been working off that one thing and jotting a few things here and there trying to jog my memory. Today it finally came back and the muse consented to play. About 500 words done today. I’m back in the zone. Another butt wiggle here. Lol.

It’s cold rain today and I’m dreading going out. Our yard is not even a lake. It’s a river. We are the last mobile home in the park on the right as you come in. The park sits on an incline and we’re at the lowest point. As a result all rain or snow runs off into our yard. It’s a mess and it’s going to be fun swimming through it to get to our cars.

Here’s a song I haven’t heard in awhile. Enjoy.

It’s past time to go swimming.



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Curio’s Past, Shhh.