What A Day

I do not ever want to go through another day like this again.

 I have been all the computer for 9 1/2 hours trying to figure out what the !@#$%^ was the matter with my printer/scanner/fax. I have been from puzzled to frustrasted to in tears and finally I now have relief. I thought I had lost all my pictures but bless my son in law, he showed me where to find them and so I feel much better. About the only thing I can say about today is I’ve learned more than I wanted to about my computer and now I know how to use my cd writer. I have to find some good otherwise I would be very upset about my lost day. At some point I was sure my computer was on the fritz and started to try and save as much stuff as I could which still isn’t a bad idea so I do have my important stuff-like my book on a back up disc now.

I can’t even go into detail as to what all I went through today. At this point I have a headache and just want to forget the long, long hours I’ve spent here.

Before I go I just want to thank John, my son in law,  for letting me cry on him and walking me through getting this software reinstalled and Holly for letting me borrow him. And cry on him.

I love you both.

Before I go. Tracey is pointing out she and father were helpful in making dinner, doing laundry and other chores while I fumed and cried over this computer so I add my thanks to them and…

I love you all.


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