Superbowl Sunday

I don’t do superbowls.

 I plan to read or maybe watch an episode of The Vampire Diaries I dvr’d but not the football game. I have sat through 12 years of high school football-my own four years in band and then four each for the girls when they were in band and I still don’t care for it. Give me a good basketball game anytime. Speaking of which-I mostly missed Wake Forest and Duke’s games yesterday. I listened to them while I worked and stopped to watch the last five minutes or so. Wake’s game was very good, they trailed most of the time behind Virginia and in the last five minutes they tied and in overtime won the game even when losing their centers due to fouling out. Duke led in points over Boston college by one or two but managed to keep the lead and go on to win. Great games. My favortite North Carolina college teams are Wake Forest, Duke, and North Carolina. When they play one another I pick the losing team and cheer them on. Lol. Ire really haven’t got to see a lot of North Carolina’s games so far this year. I hope that changes over the next month.

So while I was mostly missing the games I’d looked forward to watching all week I was working on my computer/printer. It started out innocently enough. All I had to do was scan some documents into the computer for Tracey. Simple right? Huh uh. Somehow the software for my HP Officejet Pro L7680 All in One became corrupted? I don’t know. John thinks maybe a cord was loose or something? All I know is when I went to show Tracey how to scan, it said there was no such thing as a scanner. So I uninstalled it and tried to reinstall. It shut my computer down. This went on for hours. I tried the directions HP sent me automatically when it happened, I unplugged everything and tried again. I finally thought well maybe it’s conflicting with Picasa since my HP software also includes a photo program. I took out Picasa and that’s where I thought I had lost all my pictures.  I thought I saved them but no, just one photo showed up on my desk top.  Anyway that didn’t work so off came Gimp then my camera software. Nada. At this point I was so upset so I called the techies at Staples. We determined the error message was due to the Sasser Worm. I followed all the directions-it wasn’t the Sasser worm. At this point I have shut my computer down and rebooted about twenty times. I thought I had lost my pictures since Christmas and I’d deleted all kinds of programs off my computer. I thought I might have to reinstall Windows XP so I went into let me save as much as I can mode. John had showed me a couple of times on how to save to cd but I couldn’t remember so I pulled up the directions from Help and began saving stuff. At this point I’m about seven frelling hours into working on this mess. I tried to save the desk top but couldn’t so called John. Thank God. Have mercy. He walked me through a couple of things and then we decided to try and download from the HP website the software instead of from the disk. Yes! It worked. Evidently there was a problem, maybe a scratch or something, that kept it from downloading from the cd. Still don’t know why this happened to begin with but finally got those documents scanned after nearly eight hours of hair pulling, tears, teeth grinding, tears, frustaration, tears and etc. Lol.

Anyway, I deserve a song and so do you.

A few songs actually. I’m putting some up  from A Star is Born. Probably will put some more later. I’ve always loved Barbara Streisand’s voice and Kris Kristofferson sure was and kinda still is a sexy guy.  As a teenager I loved the movie even though it made me cry and played the album constantly. Now that I’m listening to these songs again I realize I still love the music. Going to have look for a cd or maybe a download.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ruth Baker
    Feb 07, 2010 @ 14:18:34

    Hey Girl,
    Dirk turned me on to a writer by the name of Chuck Palahnuik he has several books out and I’ve loved everyone I’ve read. He is the author of the book that was turned into a movie “Fight Club”. Butch bought me an e-reader by Sony and I love it. So much easier to get books that way then storing them up on book shelves. The stories like none I’ve ever read. Dirk loves this author and I can see why.

    Butch is cooking on this day and we’re watching movies and catching up on the computer. We love playing farmville on Facebook and it keeps our minds busy playing. LOL

    Hope you all have a good day. Dirk is at work today.



  2. Tracey
    Feb 08, 2010 @ 22:37:12

    At least you were able to find out there was a problem and got it fixed. And thank you for everything.


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