A Nice Family Day

It snowed last night so we were a little slow

 in getting out to go grocery shopping today. A good bit of snow had melted already because the sun had risen bright and warm this morning. What was left was a powdery snow so when the wind blew it was mini snow storm full of glittery light. Absolutely beautiful.

When we first drove out the roads seemed to be fine but we hit an ice patch on an incline and slid down sideways. Tracey and I were screaming and Paul laughing. Fortunately it was the only real scare we had.

The next two pictures are of the picnic area down the road from us.

Paul decided he had to have his airport fix and took us with him. He’s been dubbed an airport bum by Ben, the gentleman who works there on weekends and along with the other two gentleman Paul meets there on a regular basis.

Paul, James aka The Old Man (cup in hand) and mail guy (never did get his name but he’s a retired mailman)

Ben the airport guy

It’s just a tiny little airport in Asheboro. Tracey took a picture of the planes used for flight lessons. 

After we left the airport we went to the Pisgah covered bridge. That will be another post. We took a lot of great pictures there. Then we went over to check on Paul’s mom.

The picture is of  Carol (Paul’s sister), Paul and my mother in law, Mae. They were intently watching Antiques Road Show. Paul looks shorter than Carol in the picture but he’s slouching here. Tracey snapped the picture without them knowing.

We went out to eat then grocery shopping. I am wore out.



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