Birthday Celebration for Landon

Today Landon celebrated his third birthday for the second time.

We weren’t invited to the first one because I was told Angie’s (Amanda’s mom) fiancee would be attending and didn’t want anyone from Scott’s family there. Blowing a raspberry here. It was very good of Amanda to have the second one for us. It was a very nice time.  Cake, ice cream, chips, the works. I ate way too much junk and really talked way too much trash. Amanda didn’t have a candle so there are no blowing out candles pictures. I like the ones I took though. We got him an educational toy. I can’t help myself. I figure everyone else can get the trucks, toy guns, etc. I’ll head for the puzzles and books everytime. It was one from Melissa and Doug. A puzzle combining puzzle parts covered with zippers, buckles, and shoe laces.

Brother Scott and my nephew Landon (we don’t use the “g” word).

Niece Amanda, her son Landon and Grandpa Scott (we can use the “g” word in his case)

Holly and John couldn’t be at the party but they sent the nifty backpack and shuttle they got for him in Cape Canaveral.

This is one of Amanda’s friends and her baby, Silas.


Amanda was trying to be funny and get a picture of me while I was taking her picture but I got my shot in first.


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