Moonfire in General

Did some writing this weekend…

but no time for much else. Got a scene with Maxen and his puppet master ways and spinning his plots. Turns out at the end of the scene-Maxen isn’t the only puppet master in town. That was a surprise.

I started another scene with Dair, Cahir and Dair’s parents. They gathered not only to visit with their son and his foster brother but also to discuss Tegan and her situation. I haven’t put the scene up they are discussing yet but I will be. It’s typed I just haven’t come to it yet. I only wrote part of the scene but I’m pleased with what I accomplished this weekend. Turns out Dair’s race will have Latin/Greek roots. I knew he wasn’t anglo and his skin was a copper/bronze color, just wasn’t sure what culture. I’m pretty pleased with the discovery. He greeted his dad as Pappos and mom as Matri. Greek/Latin when I looked it up. Wow. I like it.

I have a bunch of scenes to type up so I’ll start working on them. It’s too bad typing on the computer kills the muse for me. Probably because I’m on a computer 40 hrs each week. I understand why Curio turns her nose up when I try to type first.

In the mean time-enjoy a video.


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