Not Doing Too Bad

Definitely feeling better today.

They told me about 48 hours and I started feeling better before then. My sinsuses are still bothering me but it’s under control with sprays and allergy medication I started today. I wanted to allow the 48 hrs so I could tell what was going on this time. Have mercy. Still not feeling great but much better than I was. I think I’d be doing better except Paul started cleaning our bedroom and I couldn’t let him do it on his own and of course the dust started bothering me and so that’s when I started the sprays, etc.

Duke wiped the floor with North Carolina today. Won by over 30 points. At some point they stopped even showing Roy Williams and his reactions to the- game? I’m not sure you can even call it a game. A total slaughter is more like it. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn the reason they weren’t showing Roy Williams was because he kept having to run to the bathroom to change his drawers.  I have to admit after Duke started winning by 20 points I switched teams and started cheering for UNC. Good grief, they needed all the help they could get. They just fell apart. The difference between the two teams was apparent. Singular, Smith and Schuyer played off one another like they had a psyhic connection. One of them would throw the ball and one of the others would somehow just know to move into place at the right time to catch it. Zoobeck, the Plumlee brothers and the rest of the team were their disciples. Where as UNC? They kept throwing the ball like they expected someone to be there. Unfortunately for them their psychic connection was busy and nobody was.  Final score: 82-50.

Wake Forest against Clemson tomorrow night (Sunday-as far as I’m concerned this is still Saturday night).

Reading Shiloh Walker’s new book Broken I learned a new word: hawt. The lead singer in this video is really hawt. Youtube won’t let it stay on the blog but check him out:

P.S. I really didn’t realize that everytime I correct something on this blog it goes to someone’s email every frellin time. Just found that out today helping someone else with her blog. Sorry. I’ll try to stop that and click the preview before posting.


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  1. riddleofdragons
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 19:34:42

    Broken is a good book.


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