ACC & BDB Part 1

ACC basketball tournament started yesterday.

Very disappointing start. Wake Forest got stomped by Miami and North Carolina lost by three points to Georgia Tech. The good news is NC State (I’ve never seen them before and they played excellent) beat Clemson last night and Duke beat University of VA today to go on to semi finals. NC State is playing Florida tonight to see who goes to the semi finals.

Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward is one of the darkest vampire series around. Maybe, maybe, Laurell K Hamilton beats her but only by a smidge, if that. The stories revolve around the Brotherhood who protects the vampire community and, to a smaller degree, the human population against their enemies the Lessers. They and the vampire population are led by the blind king, Wrath. Rhage, Zsadist, Butch (former cop), and Vishous are the current brothers in action.  John, Qhuinn and Blay are in training. Darius died in the first book but is John sort of reincarnated. Phury (Zsadist’s twin) is a recovering drug addict so is out of action, Tohrment’s wife was killed in, I think the first or second book, so he’s been out of action. Rehvenge, aka the Reverand, has never been a brother but he sort of helps them out (especially Phury since he’s a drug dealer or was). Vishous was in love with Butch but met Jane and Blay is in love with John who really wants Zhex. Whew! Interesting, eh?

So. If you’re easily offended by nudity, don’t like sex, don’t like rough sex (i.e. bondage, s&m) then don’t watch.

I had a hard time choosing which videos to pick. There were a lot of good ones out there. 

This one is my favorite. She does a good job and has all the characters.

In this video she does not have Tohrment , John, Qhuinn and Blay in there but she has good music and I like the use of the anime.

Couldn’t resist this next one. BDB lovin styles. What a challenge.


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