How to Think Sideways

There are two Hollies in my life.

The first Holly I gave birth to and is my first born. She’s wonderful and I’m very proud of her and her husband, John. They live in Maryland with my grandanimals, Spooky the cat (no he’s not black, he just got scared alot. Hence the name. Why do people ask that? It never occurred to me or her to ask that when she first named him. Anyhoo…) and Rex the dog.

The second Holly is Holly Lisle. I’ve referenced her alot so I thought I should explain who she is and the influence she’s had on my life. Really influence is too tame a word. She has changed my life in a phenomenal way.

I first read Holly when she co authored with Mercedes Lackey on a Serrated Edge novel, When the Bough Breaks. I ran across a used copy of Minerva Wakes and was hooked. It’s really hard to say what my fav book is. I highly recommend Midnight Rain and the other paranormals she’s written as well as her fantasy/sci fi works. I think Minerva Wakes and Sympathy for The Devil have special places in my heart because they both touched me personally. A writer can not hope to do any better than that except to have the sales to go with the writing, of course. In this, Holly is always underrated, in my opinion.

In sharing her writing experiences and teaching others, however, Holly is unparalleled.  The woman is generous to a fault with her time and experience.  I’ve never seen an author so giving and passionate about the craft/art of writing.  She writes articles, has written e books on the subject, and  started Forward Motion (a writing community).  and 

 Amazingly, all of this for free (some of the e books are free, not all), As wonderful  as these resources are it didn’t click for me until I signed up for the How to Think Sideways class (HtTS). This class wasn’t free but it was worth every dime and more. You should have your basic grammar down-there’s no getting around it-but she shows you how to grab the ball, dribble it, then bring it to the basket (Duke won the ACC, yay!). In other words she teaches you how to generate an idea, nurture it and get a book out of it. Just awesome. I came away from the course with Moonfire. A story I’m so excited about and can’t wait to finish. I’m easily distracted but Holly even has some words of wisdom concerning this as well. I just need to follow it. I’m working on it, I’m working on it. Lol.

I was telling Karen (my critique partner) I don’t worry about how this book will come together. I know Holly and the HtTS forum has my back.  As far as revision goes it’s the same. Holly started How to Revise Your Novel (HtRN) so I know when the time comes, there’s no worries.

As far as I’m concerned Holly is the Go to Guru for Writing. Check her out.

In honor of the Hollies-here’s The Hollies:


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