Devon and Valen

About six (?) years ago I wrote……

a short scene with two characters by the name of Devon and Valen. It begins with Valen having sex with a courtesan named Pleasure. When they are done he realizes they are being watched and by whom. It’s his soulmate. His unwanted soulmate. As far as he knows they are stuck together for life and he’s not happy about it and even less happy she showed up while he’s having sex with another woman.  When he finds out why she’s come to him he’s so angry he says some pretty hurtful things to her and that ends the scene.

Now I’ve left some things out here cause I’m not password protecting this. I just wanted to share how far I’ve come in writing and it is a long ways, honey. My writing is not the same at all. It’s better I think. I’m not sure I have a voice or style yet but I do think it will come if I persevere.

I never wrote another thing concerning these two characters and nearly forgot about them til I ran across the scene looking for something else. For one thing I was just stumped. Had no idea where to go from there or how. I have Holly Lisle’s HtTS to thank that I know now.

The last several weeks my muse has been pitching all sorts of things at me and now we know a couple of things about this couple.

The first one being, and this was easy, they are in the same universe as Tegan and Dair. Our debate is raging right now  to see if  it’s on the same planet or even the same time period. I never intended to get involved with Tegan and Dair’s story at all. They were just supposed to be an exercise to use while I went through HtTS. I have a universe full of all kinds of characters and planets. Val and Dev’s story being one of them. The story I was working on, did a sweet spot map on, began with earth being destroyed by a race called the Rahzehrs. An alien spaceship comes behind them and picks up the remaining earthlings (as indeed they’ve been doing with other worlds) to take them and seed a new universe. Guess who the alien’s ancestors are? Yep, it’s Tegan, Dair and their world. I just fell in love with them and couldn’t let their story go so everything else went on the back burner.

I plan to start some cards and plot some things for Val and Dev but I’m so excited.

I really have a lot to be thankful for and one of them is finally being able write. To create. Man, what a great feeling. For a long time I forgot I even could and never mind about writing. Thought I’d be stuck with all those characters in my head for life, with nowhere to go. Except crazy, maybe. Lol.

Here’s some music to destress to: 



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