Second Time’s A Charm?


I really, really, really hate mri’s. I had my open mri today. In my opinion they are not so open. It’s very similar to the closed one but the top is disconnected from the bottom with a space in between. They still strap your head down and put a metal mask over your face-similar to a baseball catcher. I cried so they told me I could try sedation but I wasn’t thrilled by that. The nurse suggested putting a wash rag over my eyes instead then dropped it over my face and that was that. It did help so they were able to put me in the tube and leave me there. They gave me a ball to squeeze to signal them if I got in trouble and that helped alot. I hung on to that sucker for dear life and actually used it because we forgot I still had the key to the locker where they put my pocketbook. The proof the ball worked helped me to focus on it. That and being able to see out of the tube from the side of the rag and see something besides the ceiling and walls pressing on me. They also put a pulse monitor on my finger to monitor me that way. I really liked them better than the hospital. The signal ball & the finger pulse really helped me make it through. Silly, small things but sometimes that’s all you need to help make it through.

Being tied up or down is really not for me. Darn, I guess the s&m industry will just have to get along with out me. Lol.

Paul got the results back from his blood test and it turns out he has type II diabetes. We are still working on diet but he has done really well. He’s managed to cut back almost all of his sugar, drinking diet sodas and more water, eating fruit instead of  junk. I was able to get a free glucometer for him through our insurance and he tests once a day.  He dropped from about 224 or so to somewhere between 104-130 blood sugar level depending on what he eats. So far it’s hit and miss but we’ll get there. He is doing so much better than he was and I have been thanking God.

I’m still working on getting my list of things to do together and a schedule. The next few posts should see me getting myself together and moving forward with my writing.  I’m sending this out to the Universe per The Secret. I will write. Lol.

So here’s a video for us old fogies.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Diane
    May 07, 2010 @ 04:53:13

    Glad to hear the good news that you got mri’ed and survived. It is so much easier to manage an illness when the correct diagnosis is made. Good luck managing the diabetes and solving your problems. I remember Holly put out an article or book on her managing her diabetes last year. You might take a look and see if her suggestions are suitable for Paul.
    Also glad to hear you are still writing.


  2. Ruth
    May 07, 2010 @ 16:58:11

    I’m sorry to hear Paul has developed diabetes, but hope he will be able to manage it. Know giving up the sugar will be tough but necessary.

    Butch had his MRI this Wed, were waiting to hear about his knee. Your MRI was a total adventure that is for sure. LOL



  3. Angela
    May 18, 2010 @ 16:12:00

    Hey, Diane.

    Lol. Thanks. Everything is going to be ok. I remind myself of that everyday. One of the things The Secret talks about is a gratitude stone. During the worst time in the last months I picked one for myself and got Paul to pick one. Everytime we looked at them we reminded ourselves what we should be grateful for. It really helped.

    I actually did go back and look at the post, Holly actually put this under free downloads. She used the Paleo diet to help control her diabetes but I decided not to go that route. For one thing I very rarely eat red meat and that diet is all about the meat and in particular the red meat. We’re working on using the Mediterranean diet and it seems to be working. We still have a lot of work but I’ll talk about it more later.


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