Good news: Not Lost

I talked to the computer repair guy, Ryan,

on Friday. He tells me my computer hard drive was error ridden and one of the memory sticks was corrupted and that may have caused the hard drive problem. He was able to give me wonderful news by saying he was able to save all the stuff we had stored on it. He has some more things he wants to do on it and replace the memory stick so I should have it back by next Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. The price is pretty reasonable, too.

Holly and John brought me one of their extra computers and Rex on their way to the beach. I am very thankful for the computer and of course Rex is always welcome. I love my mom and appreciated her letting me use her desk top but number one she only has one chair to sit in. Number two there is nowhere to put the laptop. So even though I tried to coincide when she was asleep, taking a bath or not home inevitably she’d come in and I would be sitting there worrying she was standing while I was sitting.  The other thing is holding on to the laptap was hurting my back and cramping my hands so bad the other night I was up all night putting heating pads and coldpacks on them. I think if I were able to get a laptop I would get the smaller notebook for travel or something because surely it’s lighter?  I do like my desktop best. My mother’s laptop is a nice one though-a Toshiba.  Very powerful and for dial up pretty darn fast.  Thanks to her I was able to pay bills and keep up with this and a few other things.

As far as the hard drives go I will be ordering a new hard drive for the one computer John brought and a new one for mine because Ryan couldn’t guarantee the hard drive I have won’t go on the fritz again. So we’re going to back up everthing and put the new hard drive in and transfer. John’s going to install when he gets back from the beach. He’s going to let me keep the one he brought and tells me he may be able to hook it up to my tv so we can download movies from the internet. Cool. Great son in law. When Tracey gets me another one he has high standards to live up to. Lol.

I’m in the mood for music and this is a really great version of Robert Plant’s classic. Such a talented man. I understand Phil Collins is playing the drums on this particular tour.

He’s been into some new stuff and has a new back up band. The man just keeps getting better. His contribution to the world of music and its history is amazing.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Diane
    Jun 07, 2010 @ 03:39:43

    Great news about retrieving your files. I had that problem once, and now I back up daily to hard drive and weekly to external drive. When each novel is completed, (2nd or 3rd draft) I cut a CD with all related files, notes, etc. and store in a fire proof filing cabinet and print out a hard copy. Bulky but if all tech fails, I can type up again.
    I use a laptop but use an external keyboard for comfort. 🙂


  2. curiocat
    Jun 07, 2010 @ 23:15:19

    Well, I’ve learned my lesson. I had some of my book backed up but not all and of course Tracey didn’t have any of her book backed up. I’ll be backing up from here on out. I tried to backup some of my downloaded music but it didn’t take for some reason. I’m going to try it again when the hard drive comes back. Have a great day!


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