Star Trek: Kirk and Spock?

Um.  There are just

no words for this video I ran across. I was actually just looking up Closer by Nine Inch Nails. It was recommended to me by someone else so I was looking it up to listen and the Star Trek thing came up in the list. I grew up watching Star Trek and have watched it in all of its incarnations. I loved the series (all of them) and I hope we’ll be seeing more from the franchise in the future. I even have a couple Star Trek Dolls and books sitting on my shelves. No Spock ears though.

This is another one of those if you’re easily offended then don’t watch. The music by itself is a bit explicit for me but then when it’s combined with the images it’s over the top.

I think it is hilarious but it’s not for everyone.

I never could decide who was sexier, Spock or Kirk. It never occurred to me they might have the same problem. Lol.



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