In Memory Of:

Sir Ronald Weasley.

Weasley or Weasy for short. Tracey named him after the Harry Potter character and then knighted him. It was appropriate in an odd sort of way simply because, for a ferret, Weas was such a gentleman.

I had to put our beloved friend to sleep on Monday. It was the hardest thing in the world to do but he was so ill. It’s always difficult to know when is the right time and I worried about it all last week. It turns out I was right to worry. He took a turn for the worse over the weekend (Tracey stayed home and advised me over the phone). She stopped giving him his medicine Saturday and when I checked on him Monday morning I knew she was right to give him peace his last 48 hours. I took him out the on the back porch and rocked him awhile. He didn’t even notice. That very vital curiosity was gone and I was absolutely sure it was the right thing to let him go.

He’s been very much a part of our lives for the last eight years. More so than many of the other animals because he was such an active, curious little guy. Into everything but never with the intent to harm. He went everywhere with us: to the grocery store (he stayed in the car), the pet store, the bookstore (used), he helped pick Tracey up from school making the other drivers smile as stood on the wheel or with his head poked out the sun roof checking out the very long line of cars in front us.

He helped raise four of our cats from kittens: Matrix, Coleurs, Witchipoo and Orion. He played with them and taught them manners, keeping them in line as to what he would or would not allow. I’m sure they all thought he was just a long, skinny and slightly stinky cat.

This picture is with Witchi from last week. I really had no idea how old he looked until I compared this one with the others. I guess I was seeing him with my heart and not my eyes. He really loved his cat food and didn’t mind pushing his way to the bowl with the others.

Some of his more memorable moments:

-The pitter patter of tiny feet on Saturday mornings. Whenever Tracey let him loose on the weekends he made a beeline for mine and Paul’s bedroom. After climbing his way into our bed he checked to see if we were awake and then made his way down, under the covers, to our feet and nibbled on them making us scream for mercy or Tracey depending on the mood.

-Finding him and Coleurs in the laundry basket. I kept hearing this thumping noise and realized it was coming from the basket. When I looked inside he and Coleurs was rolling around in the basket. When I inquired as to what the “h” they thought they were doing they looked up at me with bright innocent eyes that said, “What?” I couldn’t help but laugh at them.  After checking them both over to make sure no one was hurt I sent them on their way.  A few minutes later I heard that thumping again and after checking them once more I decided to leave them to it.

-Coleurs confuses Weasley. Coleurs went into heat a little sooner than expected and bless her heart was presenting her bottom to everyone and everything. I opened my bedroom door and there was Coleurs with her bottom presented to Weasley who turned and looked at me with such a very clear expression that said, “Help!” After laughing til the tears ran I called the vet and Coleurs was fixed very shortly after that.

-Scariest moment. Paul went out to smoke on the front porch and who should stroll casually up to him? Weasley. Talk about having heart failure. We finally figured out there was a loose panel on our garden tub in the bathroom and Weasley naturally followed his nose through the small opening, from there finding the opening around the pipes and again followed his nose to the outside and found Paul. God! The what ifs still go through my mind with that one.

-The silverware drawer incident. It was Thanksgiving and I was in the middle of preparing dinner for seventeen people. Yep, seventeen. I opened the silverware drawer but didn’t close it before turning back to the stove. When I turned back to close the drawer Weasley sat there watching me curiously as I went about cooking. I had two choices: panic and get upset or go with the flow. I chose to go with the flow. I called for Tracey to put him up before he accidentally got hurt, pulled the silverware I needed for the rest of my cooking and dinner, washed them and informed everyone if they needed anything more out of that drawer they better wash it first. I never did figure out how he got up there as the rest of the drawers were closed.

-The shower scene. I was in the shower and the stall door started to move on its own. Visions of Psycho or Poltergeist flashed through my head as I looked wildly around and didn’t see anything. My heart thumping I thought to look down. Poking in his head was Weasly as he tried to join me. Tracey had been taking baths with him and he thought it would be ok if he joined me, too. It wasn’t. We played this game many times through the years as he tried to sneak his way into my shower.

There are so many memories of him. He was the typical ferret with caches of food and goodies hidden everywhere. It was not uncommon to look up and see him with a dog chew nearly bigger than he was as he ran to hide it somewhere. He could dook, dook with the best of them and do a serious war dance.

Truly an invaluable member of our family, it was a blessing to have him with us.

We’ll miss him.

I think Weasey would enjoy this video. He never met a stranger, human or animal:


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Texanne
    Aug 31, 2010 @ 11:45:32

    In so many ways “our pets” entertain, comfort, and guide us. He has a new assignment now. Lovely post. Must’ve been hard to write.


  2. Diane
    Aug 31, 2010 @ 20:46:04

    What wonderful memories! Treasure them. And each memory/activity could be used in stories with animal friendly main characters.


  3. Angela/Curiocat
    Aug 31, 2010 @ 23:30:22

    @ Texanne. You would have thought it would be hard, I thought it would be hard, too. I planned to do something next week but the memories started to flow and next thing I knew I had a post written. I cried but I found I was laughing, too. He really was a character.
    @ Diane. I think so, too. I can’t imagine not writing a book without animal companions. Weasley is definitely an inspiration.

    Thanks for your kind thoughts and words.


  4. Shayne
    Sep 02, 2010 @ 12:36:16

    I’m really sorry to hear about the loss of part of your furry family. It hurts terribly when they go, but we are so lucky to have them in our lives, even if it is only for a little while.


  5. curiocat
    Sep 06, 2010 @ 19:42:02

    Thank you Shayne. You’re so right. I am blessed everyday with the animals in my life. Not quite like my two legged family but close.


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