Dolls and Dogs: The Dolls

Here is the second part of the post. I think

I was somewhat ambitious on the original post. The pictures weren’t posting. I previewed this post and it appears to be working this time. Click on the pictures for a closer look. Sorry again for any inconvenience.

Ok. I mentioned in a previous post I would be putting up a lot of my grandmother’s dolls for sale. I’ve offered a couple to Holly and since she can only see them through email or on this post I decided to share and post them.

My granny had thousands of dolls when she died. There were literally rooms you could not walk into because they were filled with dolls. This was both upstairs and down. I was very sad the collection could not be kept together but the sisters could just not agree on what to do. It was very poorly handled.

One of my greatest memories of visiting Granny was her taking me into to see her latest purchase. She would reverently pull out the doll and beam proudly as I oohed and ahhed.

If you know anything about dolls then you’ll know Madame Alexander dolls are the creme de la creme of dolls. I didn’t think we had any but I found some in the dolls my mother sent to me.

So Holly, let me know if you want any of these:

Madame Alexander’s Heidi:

Madame Alexander’s Rebecca:

Madame Alexander’s Scarlett O’Hara (she has gorgeous emerald green eyes):

Madame Alexander’s Scarlett O’Hara (same green eyes, she’s a smaller version):

Madame Alexander’s Thailand:

This next one I’m not sure who the creator is, it’s not obvious from the box so I’ll have to research. She’s a big gal:

This last is one my grandmother made. Not the doll but the dress. If Holly doesn’t want her I do. The doll itself is fairly cheap, I think, and her hair is falling out but the dress and bonnet are exquisite. I ‘ll probably have to search around to see what I can do about the doll, maybe a doll wig? I have another Native American doll Granny made for me, she crocheted the boots, dress, headband and decorated them with beads. She’s beautiful. Granny was very talented.

There are a lot more gorgeous dolls. A good number of Effanbee dolls, Dynasty dolls, Barbie dolls, GI Joes, Horseman dolls, Cabbage Patch, many more than I want to list here.

I hope you enjoyed the show.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Texanne
    Sep 07, 2010 @ 09:26:02

    Wow, such pretty dolls. It is sad that you couldn’t keep the collection together, true, but think of the joy that others will receive when they buy these dolls.

    That handmade costume is gorgeous. Such detail! Granny was talented and patient. Good combination of traits.


  2. curiocat
    Sep 09, 2010 @ 23:37:16

    Texanne what a wonderful way to look at it. I’ll remind myself of that when I feel sad the collection was broke up.

    Holly chose Heidi and the one Granny made. Good choices.

    I already have some other things from Granny but I do think I will keep Thailand and the smaller Scarlett O’Hara as well.

    I know it’s silly but I just want some nice things to leave the girls. I have a few things and these two will just add to it. I told them if they can’t agree as to who gets what then they are to share custody. 6 mths with one and then 6 mths with the other or something to the effect. If neither wants it then find it home. I think that will work.


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