Dolls and Dogs: Katara

Holly (my daughter) asked me to send her

a picture of Katara the stray pup my beloved youngest, Tracey, brought home Saturday night. Katara is her temporary name till we figure out what is going to happen with her. I’m putting her in the paper to see if she just got lost because I can not believe someone is not looking for this dog. Now she was found near the animal shelter and Tracey’s friend told her people will just let them out in the area rather than take them the rest of the way in. Tracey swears she just jumped in the car and then refused to leave. Uh, huh. At any rate we went back to question the people who owned the yard Katara was sitting in when she spotted Tracey. Apparently she just showed up that day and sat there from 11:00 am that morning till 9:30pm when she picked Tracey up that evening.  It’s as possible she was dumped as much as she’s lost. She looks like a Siberian Husky mix, has one brown eye and one blue and is maybe around four or five months old. Maybe six months? All I know is this dog is mouthy and has already chewed up many things. Fortunately for all of us they haven’t been important things. I have a huge bag of chews and I let her have a piece of plywood to chew on. My past experience has been varied: there was a dog who chewed up a back porch and another that chewed up the side of a house. A teething dog is a fearsome thing.

I’m having to split this post up due to overload of pictures. Thanks for your understanding.


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  1. Texanne
    Sep 07, 2010 @ 09:18:21

    Our cat, who is as beautiful and self-sufficient, was a found kitty. Someone didn’t want her any more, I guess, so she came up to the house my daughter was renting. She’s been with us almost five years now.

    Mouthy dogs. Ah, yes. We could swap stories about that subject! And maybe that’s the reason Katara is homeless just now. Not everyone has the fortitude to endure a dog’s teething.

    And for some dogs, teething is not the end of it. Oy.

    I hope that her family has had time to re-think their abandonment and is looking for her right now!


  2. amkuska
    Sep 08, 2010 @ 16:15:33

    Just tell the dog no, give it the right thing to chew on, and praise. I had to do that with my own little beaver, and it worked. He only chews his things now, but I have to keep a regular supply of chews!


  3. curiocat
    Sep 09, 2010 @ 23:29:21

    @ Texanne. Do tell. I have a lot of kitties who just wandered up (all of them fixed and have their shots now). I live in a mobile home park owned by my mother and she thinks the reason they keep coming is because the trash bin sitting on the edge of my yard is the reason. I keep asking God not send me any more unless they poop gold. So far, nothing. Lol.

    @ amkuska. I’m with you. It’s an almost full time job though and that brings me to my next post and the adventures of Rex, Jade, Belle Amie and Katara.


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