Rex & The Sins of Hot Fudge Cake

Holly and John went to New Orleans

this week so Paul, Tracey and I met Holly halfway in Virginia (exit 150A @ Shoney’s, have mercy) to pick up Rex on Tuesday. Up until then I nearly made it a week without eating sugar. It would have been a week had we not gone to Shoney’s. Oh, we were all guilty. I reminded myself of the six earlier days without sugar but my taste buds were already in rebellion. I even tried to remind Tracey of her woes when she eats stuff like this: face breaks out, bloating, stomach ache. She laughed in my face and said it was worth it. I reminded Paul of being a diabetic but Holly said let the poor guy have some this one time. He gave me the big, brown puppy dog eyes and Holly said she was ordering some. Overruled, I succumbed to what should be considered as number eight on the list of cardinal sins.

First let me just say I’m really not a big chocolate fan. If I have to choose between chocolate and peanut butter I will choose peanut butter except on some occasions, one of them being when I’m in a Shoney’s restaurant. They actually had peanut butter pie there and it didn’t get much more than a glance. Have you all ever heard of hot fudge cakes? Two square pieces of chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream in between. Covered in warm hot fudge, topped with whipped cream and then a cherry. If heaven can be found in a food product it has to be a hot fudge cake.

I want to be a writer, right? I should be able to describe the rich, warm chocolate that flows like cream into my mouth sending my taste buds into an ecstasy of delight. I need to stop now. My mouth is watering and I’m nowhere near a Shoney’s. No need to torment myself or you any further. I told them if we meet again at exit 150A it will have to be at Cracker Barrel. I absolutely can not resist hot fudge cake. 

So I listened to Tracey moan all the way home and in retaliation asked every so often if it was worth it. Just doing my job as a loving mother. Maybe next time she’ll listen to me.

While we were sinning in Shoney’s, Rex waited patiently in the car for us with the air conditioning running. On our way home my main worry was how long it would take Rex to stop trying to hump the newcomer, Katara. He has dominance issues. It never once occurred to me there would be problems other than that. My mistake. The only excuse I can give is I was tired and not thinking. But really, of all the dogs I thought Rex would have the least issues.

Jade (the black lab) and Belle Amie (the feist mix) have actually taken Katara in like she’s a long, lost friend. I really thought Belle would have the most problems. She did snap a few times at first and puffed her lips out in a pout when Katara found a stuffed frog I let her have but otherwise they wrestle and run around like they’ve been together for months. Jade and Cheyenne (Jade’s sister, she comes to visit us when my mother lets her) are turning six this month so they aren’t as interested in wrestling as they were even a year ago leaving Belle a bored little dog. Feists are pretty energetic dogs themselves so Katara has found her match. If Belle can’t reach anything else she goes for the ankles and starts gnawing. It’s hilarious to watch as the bigger dogs try to shake her off. Belle was a pound puppy and the difference in her now is amazing when compared to the scared, shaking pup I brought home two years ago.

Rex himself is a rescue with special needs. He has severe skin problems and is very stiff in his hips. Irish wolfhounds only live to be seven years and Rex is that. Of course he is mixed with deerhound and that breed lives to about eight or nine so he may have a couple of more years.  The point is he’s old, he was tired when we got home and not in the mood to mess with a pup and her issues.

So we get home, I remove Rex’s leash and go let Belle Amie and Katara out of their respective crates (Jade, at her age, doesn’t need a crate) to let them go outside. Katara wiggles her way around over to Rex: he sniffs, she snaps and he growls. I manage to herd everyone out to the backyard with no further issue. On the way back in there were more snaps and more growling. At this point I still don’t have a collar for Katara and all I can grab is the loose skin at her nape and drag her away.

What was I thinking? That I had to pee, they had to pee after being in the crates and a car all day, that Rex would be thirsty, that I still needed to feed everyone and that I’m tired. Worse, I didn’t see the chew leftover from earlier but Rex did and he’s possessive about his chews, his food and evidently us.

Poor guy. All he wanted was to come in, take a pee and flop somewhere to rest. Instead there is a strange dog in what he considers his second home. Katara snaps one last time and Rex lets her have it.

Scared the snot out of all of us.

He’s a big dog, weighing in at about 90 lbs. Old and in pain or not if he wants or doesn’t want to do something then there’s no stopping him. Fortunately for all of us he only wanted to put the fear of God into Katara who hollered like she was being killed. Of course she wasn’t, there wasn’t a mark on her. I quickly put her up in a crate. Lesson learned.

It was so funny (not at the time of course) but Jade and Belle Amie had to pass Rex to get to Tracey who was calling them and they both walked very slowly and cautiously as far away as they could get from him while we watched tensely to see if there would be any further issues. He ignored them and gnawed on his chew. Merlin, one of our cats, blithely walked right over him and Rex just ignored him, too. Sigh of relief. Merlin, aka Cool Cat, was the first of the cats to put Katara in her place. He is one cool customer hence Cool Cat. The other cats are a lot more cautious and were no where in sight for hours after the incident. But wow, some tense moments there. 

There have been a few snaps and growls since then but I’ve worked with both dogs. Wednesday, Katara spent much of the day in the crate, every time she was let out and jumped on one of us Rex got very upset and would snap at her. Thursday, Rex stayed with me in my bedroom while Katara played with the other dogs in the other rooms under Tracey’s supervision. We did let them out together a couple of times and it is better, Katara not so defensive and Rex not so possessive. Whenever one or the other acts out they are told no and Katara placed in her crate. She really catches on fast and is acting better. I’ve been working with her about not getting in Rex’s face so I think eventually they’ll be ok, it’s just going to take some work and patience. Lots of patience cause she is still a pup.

I did determine a method of feeding everyone. With just the three dogs it isn’t a big deal, they are able to share chews and bowls with no problem. With Rex I’m not willing to chance it so Katara goes in a crate with her food, Rex gets fed next so I feed Jade and Belle Amie while he’s busy with his own food. The cats are all fed separately from the dogs, too. They have feeder dishes set up out of the dogs reach but they also get canned food so I have to block off the kitchen for them (fung shui so there’s no doors). It’s a lot of work to make sure everyone is fed and safely.

I have contacted a lot of people about Katara with no response yet from the newspaper ad. I did contact the humane society and the pound to ask them if someone calls about a lost siberian husky to let them know about her. Hopefully, if someone is looking for her they will stumble across one of these resources.

At any rate I’m not getting anything done at all. I’ve determined Katara will have to stay in her crate so I can write if no one else is around to watch everyone cause as busy as it’s been since the last of August and so far this month, not one word has been written. That’s got to change. Wish me luck cause I need it. Lol.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Texanne
    Sep 10, 2010 @ 09:43:54

    Sounds as if you’ve got your work cut out for you. We have only two dogs, and both of them are young and neutered. Though Remy is a large breed (Catahoula-lab mix) and B.D. is a small version of a rat terrier, they wrestle and roll around together beautifully. I think they are more devoted to each other than to us humans, though they do compete for attention from us.

    They also think that it’s unfair that they are not allowed to be protective of their food dishes but we can order them to their rooms (their crates) if they swarm us while we are eating–even if we are just sitting in the floor watching a movie and eating chips!

    You have my admiration for your work with and love of animals, specially the left-behinds. Even the Good Samaritan paid the innkeeper and left–whereas you have taken the injured strangers into your home!


  2. Diane
    Sep 10, 2010 @ 10:27:47

    Hot fudge cake! Sounds heavenly. Now I will have to search the internet for the recipe. 🙂


  3. Diane
    Sep 17, 2010 @ 01:39:17

    I found the hot fudge cake recipe!
    It is the most disgustingly delicious sweet I have tasted. I understand why it is served with ice cream. I needed the melted ice cream to line my stomach before the fudge cake it the walls. I am also shaking from the sugar fix!
    Now I need to wait at least 4 hours before I can have another serve of it. 🙂


  4. curiocat
    Sep 17, 2010 @ 15:35:39

    @Texanne. Thank you. It definitely is a labor of love and been very busy around here lately.

    @Diane. Lol. Oh my goodness. You are so funny. Now am I right or not? It should be considered one of the Cardinal sins, shouldn’t it?


  5. Diane
    Sep 18, 2010 @ 02:00:19

    Absolutely! Yummmm!
    I have cooked Spanish, Italian and Australian food all my life. Why I never discovered this wonderful fudge recipe before now I will never know. Maybe it was a USA secret. Well, not any more. I have already passed the recipe on to my friends to pass on to their daughters, etc. 🙂


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