Favorite B Horror Movies

I enjoy a good horror movie but even more

I adore a really good or bad, as the case may be, “B” flick. Although I don’t consider any of these to be bad. In no particular order:

1. Clownhouse-1989. A young man’s fears about clowns are realized when escapees from a mental institution dress up as clowns and follow him home.

2. Cameron’s Closet-1994. A young boy inadvertantly summons a demon into his closet.

3. 13 Ghosts-1960. A family moves into a deceased relative’s home who collected ghosts.

4. The Blob-1958, 1988. I like both versions. Ooze from space terrorizes a nearby town.

5. The Lady in White-1988. A killer of children is on the loose in a small town and a young boy investigates with the help of the ghost of one of the murdered children.

6. The Fog from John Carpenter-1980. A town is terrorized by the ghosts wronged by their founders.

7. Halloween from John Carpenter-1978. Michael Myers, need I say more? 

8. The Evil Dead movies by Sam Raimi-1981-1993. Stars Bruce Campbell.  Bruce Campbell is the king of “B” movies and of the three made, The Army of Darkness is my fav.  The Book of The Dead and or the Necronomicon and the consequences of reading them are featured in these movies.

9. The Gate. 1987. A young man opens the gate to hell by listening to the wrong music.

10. The Thing. 1951 & 1982. Technically I don’t think you can call the 1982 version by John Carpenter a “B” movie but I’m including because the first one was. Alien from spaces terrorizes scientists in the Antarctic.

An honorable mention for worst “B” flick goes to Bubba Ho Tep starring Bruce Campbell. It was so bad it was good. A 2002 flick telling what really happened to Elvis Presley.

Another honorable mention goes to Emily Hagens and Pathogen. Made in 2005/2006 it’s a movie about zombies. That kid is going places.


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