Life is Too Short

I’m so far behind in everything and

ended up making a hard but ultimately, I think, correct decision.

The flu/cold/whatever knocked me for a loop just before Halloween and did not get better until I went on antibiotics recently so I missed Nanowrimo and it put me way behind on getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have started turning everything inside out and cleaning it but still a long way to go. I’m going to do as much as I can before Thanksgiving and worry about the rest afterward.

Got a sort of new washer and that helps with the cleaning because the old washer was on its last legs. It was cutting off (bad switch) and we would have to go and restart it if we remembered. Laundry took forever to do. I went to an auction of the contents in rental storage units out of curiosity. Unfortunately I was sick and it was very cold that morning so I ended up leaving. My mom and dad arrived just after I left and three units later a washer and dryer was revealed so my mom bid on the washer because she knew I needed a new one. This particular washer was a Whirlpool Commercial Extra Capacity Plus and in almost new condition. The only problem was the switch and Paul took care of that with no problem. Nearly new washer for only $70 (including the new switch). Pretty cool, huh?

So I decided to leave Randolph Writers. I talk about one of the reasons here:

I was already coming to the realization I had to make a choice between the critique group I joined thru HtTS or the Randolph group. It was getting to be too much to keep up with both. I didn’t want to make a choice because I like the face to face and the people are talented and very nice. I like them. Same with Dahu in HtTS. The big difference was Shayne, Teagan, Prudence and the others are talented and very experienced so I have a lot I can learn from them. They’ve already been very helpful to me. Teagan told me I’d been very helpful to her on her story and I appreciated it very much. I hope to contribute more. The other important thing here is they are with HtTS and we understand and don’t have to explain the methods we are using. If someone has additional knowledge to share it’s thrown into the mix with barely a ripple and much appreciation. You see? We’re building from a base knowledge. Kinda cool now that I think about it.

What pushed me to leave? Well, it became very clear to me that growth was not on the agenda. In fact, I was informed a small group was desirable as opposed to adding new thoughts, vision and so on by bringing in new people by allowing the group to be larger.  That is not what I expected to hear or believe in. I love meeting new people and hearing new ideas. The only way to do that is by encouraging more people to join. Of course they do but what I understand is not too many. O-kay. What does that mean? It’s contrary to Holly Lisle’s philosophy and more importantly, mine.

It would have been nice to keep up with the two groups but it was a time eater to go to Randolph Writers and I didn’t think I was getting as much from it as Dahu so with the last bit coming up it became a no brainer. Some great people there. I hope a couple of them will keep up with me and who knows? Maybe I’ll start my own writing group, one that’s open to growth and change.

Although I have to laugh here because Seagrove, a small town not too far from Asheboro, is well-known for its potters and their beautiful art. For years it was just one pottery group running things. A new group came in and started doing their own thing. Needless to say there was some hostility between the two groups. Some shots were fired-literally (no one was hurt). It does make me pause on the thought of starting another group. Is Randolph County even big enough? Surely I’ll only have to worry about, at most, the poison pen? As it were. Lol. Not that I think they would but the potters flashed in my mind and I had to share.

Life’s too damn short to sit around and do or be a part of things you don’t like or agree with. So speak your mind without intent to hurt and make your life count. Leave behind the petty stuff and reach for the great. If I’ve learned nothing else over the last seven years, I’ve learned that much.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Texanne
    Nov 20, 2010 @ 18:07:01

    Great to hear about the new washing machine. How in the world did people get along without them? Argh. It’s lovely that your father and mother turned out to help you with that.

    It’s a sad thing to leave the Randolph group behind, but the purpose of the writing group is to support and advance your writing and your career. Your story about the potters was scary/funny. No one was hurt. LOL!

    You will work this out for the best. I’m moving my NaNo to January. November is a crazy time to try to do it. Crazy time. Well reasoned post, by the way. Well written.


  2. Diane
    Nov 20, 2010 @ 19:59:06

    I have reached a stage where I realised I need a list of questions before I join a critique group. My first meeting with the the local group will be next weekend, and I am thinking of relevant questions, from what genre each writes, plot processess, their writing qualifications, their education level, their Myers-Briggs ranking, etc. to narrow down their focus of advice to either relevent or waste of time. 🙂

    Like you, I agree that having everyone on the same learning base seem the way to go.

    Also, what a great buy the washing machine turned out to be. 🙂


  3. curiocat
    Nov 24, 2010 @ 01:53:22

    @ Texanne. You know I like the thought of Nano in January. You just might have company. 😉

    @ Diane. What is Myers-Briggs ranking? I definitely think it’s worth while to ask questions about the writing group. Lesson learned for me. Education and writing methods are definite must knows but goals and philosophy are important, too.

    Thanks for the support ladies.


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