Guess What Day It Is?

Wrong! It is not just Tuesday.

It’s my birthday! 

Twenty-nine long years ago (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) instead of getting a turkey my mother got me on Thanksgiving day, late in the afternoon.

Of course there are those who would argue differently; that she did indeed get a turkey. Since they aren’t here and I am, we’re keeping with the baby version of the story.

No pictures I’m afraid. I planned to get them from my mom then got behind on everything and forgot. I still plan to get them from her and make copies so I’ll put some up eventually. I was cute though. Blonde hair and blue eyes. As a little girl I used to wish I would grow up and look like her but I was thinking about it the other day and realized my wish had already come true, I did look like her. Just not when I wanted to.  In another post I talk about my mom’s black hair and green eyes but surprisingly we started out with the same coloring. As she got older her hair turned darker and mine went to a strawberry blonde and then a reddish-brown. Our baby blues turned to Irish green eyes.  Funny how that worked out, huh?

We’re going out to eat and maybe to the movies to celebrate. Later tonight there is a basketball game. Duke is playing. Yay! I’m taping them so I don’t miss the game.  Do they have basketball on Thanksgiving? I’ve never thought to check before. Probably not but I’ll check.

Anyway I’m blessed with my kids, kid-in-law, my husband, my animals, our families, and good friends.

Here’s to another year, lots of writing and good music.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Texanne
    Nov 23, 2010 @ 18:09:15

    Happy birthday! Twenty-nine is a dangerous age, so you be careful. 🙂


  2. Ruth
    Nov 23, 2010 @ 22:41:16

    Hey Happy Happy Birthday Girl. 29 yrs old huuummmm that is interesting. LOL



  3. curiocat
    Nov 24, 2010 @ 01:56:42

    @ Texanne. Me, dangerous? Nahhhh.

    @ Ruth. You hush. You know nothing. No-thing. 🙂

    Thanks, for the b’day wishes.


  4. Diane
    Nov 24, 2010 @ 09:31:58

    I usually say “21 again” when anyone questions my birthday, so does that make me younger than you? My daughter also suggested I change it to something else once she turned 21, (which was years ago) but I won’t tell anyone that.
    Happy Birthday. 🙂


  5. ekcarmel
    Nov 26, 2010 @ 10:29:41

    Happy (Belated) Birthday!!!


  6. Tracey
    Nov 26, 2010 @ 14:24:12

    Mom, there’s is nothing wrong with being 49 years old. 🙂


  7. curiocat
    Dec 19, 2010 @ 21:57:44

    @Eileen. Thanks!

    @ Tracey. Brat!


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