Hello, Again.

Good lord, it’s almost Christmas.

It’s not Christmas without the magnificent Mormon Tabernacle’s Hallelujah Chorus and we can’t have that so here it is:

November and most of December were lost to illness unfortunately. I just could not shake the flu/cold/whatever. After I went off antibiotics just before Thanksgiving I just wasn’t feeling good and the reason was I was still sick. By the Friday after Thanksgiving I was feeling pretty bad and on Saturday it was obvious I was pretty sick again or it never really went away.

This time I went on the offensive the day I realized what was happening. I started boiling water with sage in it.  Sage is a small word with gigantic implications and uses. Next I started taking silver, New Chapter’s Immunity take care, Cold & Flu Formula homeopathic tablets and vitamin c. Most of these work well on a normal basis but not this time. By the following Monday I added Bee Propolis, Clear Sinus & Ear, coconut oil and sinus washes. I started rubbing Vicks vapor rub on my chest at night. There was some improvement but not a lot. On Tuesday I wanted to make chicken soup but felt too bad so I baked the chicken and added sage and onions to it. I really couldn’t taste it but Paul said it wasn’t bad. Oddly, this combination worked like the soup and helped to break my fever. The ‘my body feels like someone took a baseball bat to it’ feeling improved but I still was going through a box of tissue daily. If I wasn’t blowing it out, I was spitting it up. Gross. Thursday night I went to the health food store and got some Sage and Aloe lozenges. Talk about nasty! But they helped a lot. $13 for 20 so they were expensive but worth it. They calmed down my cough and the irritation in my chest so I could rest. Even with this extra help I was still having problems with congestion and my eyes were so irritated I looked like a horror movie actor wannabee. A week later it finally occurred to me I might be having two different problems and took some allergy pills. This was the last piece needed and I’ve been getting better ever since. It has been a very long seven weeks. I still have some congestion and still tire easily but I’m definitely getting better. It’s hard to believe all the crap I’ve taken to get better but you know I’m proud that I did not have to go on antibiotics again. There for a few days I thought I might have to but I persevered and made it.

So I’m behind on everything. I missed announcing Paul’s birthday on December 2. In fact we didn’t celebrate until December 12 cause I was too sick before that. He got his birthday present last Friday. A nice coat from Sears. Lol. I am so far behind. He went with me and picked it out and we also did some Christmas present shopping then went out to eat. Paul doesn’t normally like to shop but we actually had a great time together.

I missed the blog’s one year anniversary, December 6. Wow! We’ve come a long way, baby!

So no writing these last weeks. Bummer. I don’t see me getting anything done before Christmas either considering how far behind I am. There’s a lot left to do before Christmas. I’ve already got the fish tank done and Paul has been cleaning the living room. I’ll be working on the kitchen and other things all week. Still some more shopping to do but I’m getting close to finishing. Busy, busy.

So my goal for December 26 is to rest. December 27 to start writing. January 2nd I will take a page from Texanne’s book and start an unofficial Nanowrimo. I really want to push and get as much done of Moonfire that I can. There’s a prayer in my heart and my fingers are crossed everything will go as planned.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Diane
    Dec 20, 2010 @ 03:58:01

    Get well soon! And happy birthday to Paul!

    I think it is OK to take a week or two off and just rest and recuperate. I am doing it this week and next week, and I have solved one problem story in my mind. I need to locate it and alter a few scenes to make the story better, then get it up on Smashwords. 🙂 I also looked at what I achieved this year, and I am pleasantly surprised with the stories completed and ideas waiting to be written.

    See you in the new year on both our blogs! 🙂


    • curiocat
      Dec 21, 2010 @ 13:48:53

      Paul says thank you for the birthday wishes.

      I’m working on getting better and resting as much as possible.

      You have accomplished quite a bit and you should be proud of it. Not only that but you’ve shared everything you’ve learned in the doing and we all appreciate it. You’ve done a great job and deserve the rest.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  2. Ruth
    Dec 20, 2010 @ 18:34:03

    It purely sucks to be sick during the holidays. I awoke in the wee hrs of the night puking my head off and it continued all day till about 4:00 pm. I’ve got the stomach flu and it feels horrible. I have Dirk, Natasha and Raven here so they have been looking after themselves. They are both sick too. Dirk has tonsilitis and of course his insurance was canceled on his birthday. Butch is being no help what so ever. He is being a pill because he can’t be with his family for Christmas and making us all miserable. Oh well no one said having a marriage partner is always good. LOL



  3. curiocat
    Dec 21, 2010 @ 14:00:41

    It sure does. I am so sorry to hear you are sick right now. Hopefully it’s just a 24 hour bug and you’re already on the road to recovery along with everyone else.

    It sounds like your hands are full right now. I’m wincing over the no insurance thing. Isn’t Dirk covered under the new law?

    No, marriage isn’t easy as you and I both can attest to. There are the easy paths and then the mountains to cross through. Butch will be with his family soon and he shouldn’t let the fact he is not right now ruin Christmas. Life’s too damn short as I’ve stated before to let yourself be miserable. Turn on some Jethro Tull and see if that mellows him out.


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