Where Did I Go?

I’m here. Not there.

Here. See me yet?

So sorry it’s been awhile. March has been somewhat busy but so far it’s been surprisingly easy to keep a steady pace. Obviously I’m behind and, to be honest, a little overwhelmed. Still the fact I’m still going is a source of pleasure. Headaches are keeping me down; they are hanging on for days on end, sometimes turning into migraines but overall I’m coping with them. I did find out some information about them and the energy draining fatigue I’ve been experiencing for over two years. Lord knows I think all those doctors I’m still paying should have caught this so I’m sharing in the hopes that if you haven’t already gone through this when it happens you might have a clue cause it’s obvious the doctors don’t. I explain at the end of the blog.

 It’s tough being diligent about taking supplements of any kind even if they are supposed to be immunity boosters but overall the proof they work resides in the last month of steady productivity. I got really bad about not taking them after I quit work. I will never again doubt their effectiveness because the last year of not taking them and getting so weak has been proof for me these things work. March has been one of steady improvement after a month of taking them on a regular basis. Knocking on wood, lol. What else have I been taking besides drinking tea?

Immunity Boosters, Part Three

-One A Day vitamins. This should be a no brainer but we’re talking about me here and I’m the world’s worst about taking both medication or vitamins. They make a difference so I make the effort. I won’t tell if you don’t that a day gets missed here and there.

-Vitamin C. I know there’s been studies done that vitamin C really doesn’t work that well but I have to respectfully disagree. I can tell the difference when I do and do not take them. My nose and head stay stuffy. When I take C then I can sometimes skip taking allergy pills and other things. So I take the C. Also this last month more than proves taking the C works. Perhaps its secret is it boosts what other vitamins do.

-Garlic. I take the soft gels because they don’t leave a taste in your mouth or cause stomach upset. Garlic is great to help fight infections, is a natural antibiotic, reduces the effects of yeast infections, has anti fungus/viral properties, keeps the blood from clotting, regulates blood sugar, reduces arterial plaques and is good to help lower blood pressure. How well garlic does all this I don’t know. What I do know is, it is part of my program and I’m satisfied it works for me


-D3. Helps reduce the effects of rosacea. Oh yeah, I have it. It goes right along with the fatigue, allergies and headaches. This last month hasn’t been too bad with the breaking out. If I had just known and understood what the frell was going on then I wouldn’t have stopped taking this. The last month I have gotten some redness but it’s much better, not as much burning either. D3 helps you digest calcium. It comes from the sun so if you’re not outdoors alot you’re probably deficient in this critical supplement. Read this article:



-Calcium. Even when I wasn’t taking my vitamins as I should I was pretty regular about taking calcium because despite the amount of water I drink; I get leg cramps. Calcium keeps them down to a minimum. In fact, since I no longer sit at a desk ten or more hours a day, the cramps are better since I quit work. Still get them but they’re easier managed. I was getting concerned there for awhile because it seemed heat, Therma-gel or simply walking them out was beginning to not work but now I get them once or twice a week and I’m able to take care of them easy enough. Calcium helps to regulate menstrual cycles, bone density, weight management, blood pressure and is used for osteoporosis management.


-B vitamins. These vitamins are extremely important to your mental health. They are not stored in our bodies so they have to be replenished daily through food and supplements. Alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine all destroy B vitamins but the one that affects me most is refined sugar so I know I have to take these vitamins but it was one of the ones I quit taking. Shame on me. My whole attitude, i.e. depression, improves when I take these vitamins. I do know better but sometimes you get in these downward spirals and they’re difficult to pull out of. Fortunately I’m pulling out of this one. The Bs are also energy boosters. They break down carbohydrates into glucose. For more information on the different Bs go here:



-Iodine. Besides being popular on the West Coast right now? It’s a chemical element not stored in the body. An extremely important one. Yes it can be used to prevent thyroid cancer if exposed to radiation but it’s useful for other things too. Lack of iodine in pregnant women can lead to mental retardation. It regulates the thyroid so it can produce hormones. If hormone levels are low it can stop women from ovulating and become infertile. Low iodine can cause different types of cancers. It is used to purify water and kill germs. An important type chemical isn’t it? Something I just found out is I might not ought to take this with my high blood pressure medicine. I’ll talk to the pharmacy and if necessary the doctor.


-Bee Propolis. Aka bee glue. A gummy substance bees mix with wax to build and repair their hives. Doesn’t sound too good does it? However the substance contains amino acids, minerals, ethanol, vitamin A, B complex, E, pollen and bioflavonoids  This is not something I take every day but it played it’s part in boosting my immunity during my illness. While it didn’t get me completely better by itself, basically because I was run down so much, it did keep me from getting worse when I wasn’t taking much else.


Other things to help boost immunity? Common sense things like eating well, getting plenty of sleep and exercise. Hmmnn? Me? All right. I’m working on it.


Here it is: I’m going into menopause. I do not have hot flashes. I think that’s the biggy everyone talks and makes jokes about. I have to be different so I do have cold flashes. I remember the doctor telling me I had rosacea last year but since it wasn’t a problem compared to what else was, it didn’t sink in until it started being a problem the last several months. I looked up cold flashes and rosacea online and hey what do you know? All the problems I’ve been having are due to the onset of menopause. The extreme fatigue that started a little over two years ago? Hormonal fluctuations caused by menopause. The sudden problems with allergies/hayfever? Menopause. Headaches? Menopause. Mood swings? Menopause. Cold flashes? Menopause. Onset of rosacea? Menopause. Increased indigestion? Menopause. Increased anxiety or lack of concentration? Menopause (like I needed help). Hair loss? Menopause. All this due to hormonal fluctuations. My God I could just go on. I just love it. Not. There’s a whole freaking list of crap that menopause can cause. I sat there and read through the thing and could not believe it. I still don’t think it’s comprehensive because it only lists 35 freaking symptoms and some of mine aren’t on it. I had to look them up separately. I’m freaking out here. I can’t blame all my woes on menopause but a lot of problems I already had have become acute in the last two years or so. My doctor did not have a clue until I brought it up. I think I should get a degree for diagnosing myself. Hormones should be outlawed.

Here’s a link I urge everyone to read on menopause symptoms:


So there you have it. It’s an extremely personal thing but I wanted to share because maybe it will help the next woman who experiences these type things all of a sudden. Maybe it will save them from huge medical bills or at least give them and their doctors a direction to go in.

Oh and poor immunity? Could be menopause.

 I’ve enjoyed this little series and I’ve learned some things. Have you? Going forward I will be talking about some exciting things like an online blogging class I’m taking, Stellarcon and an indie movie short made based on Rat Race. Yes, indeedy. Lots going on.


Other sources:





4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Diane
    Mar 27, 2011 @ 00:25:57

    Yes, been there, experienced that. 🙂 Now, I just take 20 mins to mow the lawn instead 15 mins. Also with other gardening activities, I pace myself, so I can survive each day without collapsing in a heap for the next week. Thanks for the info on cramps. I have been getting more than normal lately in my feet, so need more iodine. Mainly, I just get tired, and have started taking Nana Naps each afternoon. 🙂 I love retirement.


  2. Angela/Curiocat
    Mar 30, 2011 @ 18:03:21

    Rub it in, Diane, that you’re done. 🙂

    You’re welcome to the info about cramps. Anything to help with cramps. Doctors seem to have surprisingly few remedies for them.

    I think pacing is the key. Naps do help. I’m not retired but it’s nice to have the time to do what you need to. I think Paul likes me be around, too.


  3. ekcarmel
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 11:54:43

    Not fun at all! My mother told me about a family party one year when my grandmother and her sister were both going through menopause at the same time. One had cold flashes, the other had hot flashes, so during the party, one would turn up the heat and then the other would turn it back down!

    I’m very interested in all the supplement info you have here. Most of them I’m aware of, but it’s always interesting to get a different take on the issue. One thing I thought of was to be careful taking the separate supplements if they are also in the multi-vitamin. You can overdose on a good thing. I also take a fish oil supplement. They’ve been pushing the omega-3s lately, but I also noticed it improves my mood as well.

    I’m so glad to hear you are feeling better!


    • curiocat
      Apr 01, 2011 @ 20:02:02

      Oh, my goodness. That is hysterical. I love that story. I bet the sisters were the life of the party.

      Thanks. I try to be careful about what I take outside of a multivitamin, too. But somethings a multivitamin just can’t give enough of. Calcium is one of them and if I don’t take it I can get into a lot of pain with knees, feet and of course the leg cramps. The other supplements I just take the recommended dosages of. I agree with you about being careful. Sometimes you can get too much of a good thing. So anyone taking supplements of any kind should do their research and use common sense.


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