Katara Update

It’s been over six months since Paul and I went on the epic trip to Missouri to deliver Katara to her forever home with Marti V. We left around midnight on Wednesday and made it to Kansas City, Missouri around 10:30pm on Thursday night. In just under twenty-four hours we drove over 1,000 miles. Read more about Katara here, here and here.


One of Marti’s first emails to me after we got home was how much joy and laughter Katara had already brought into her life. She said their walks together were already giving her energy.

Here’s the scoop:

Because we only gave Katara her shots before we left on the trip she needed a check-up with the vet. A huge surprise to everyone was Katara’s age. I originally speculated she was about four or five months old.

The vet told Marti she was more around a year old per her teeth. Oh my goodness! Because she acted so much like a puppy it was easy for us all to think she was younger than her actual age.

Certified as healthy an appointment for Katara to be spayed was made. The arrangements had to be delayed for a while because she went into heat first. Marti told me she could not wait for it to end so they could walk together again. When they were finally able to get the surgery done Katara did just fine.

At first there were some problems with separation anxiety but from what I can see of the pictures Marti has sent me that is long past. Escape artists have nothing on Katara, she is very well able to lift the latch on her crate and escape when left alone.

Let’s see. They are still struggling a bit with potty training. Marti tells me the spot behind her sofa is still a favorite but it is not as frequent therefore it is getting better.

Update: Since I first started this post Marti says Katara has now gone over three weeks since pooping in the living room. As a reward Marti has let Katara sleep on the bed with her and stays in contact with Marti all night long. She jumps on the bed only with an invitation and stays until she’s given permission to get down.

Needless to say Marti and Katara are ecstatic with this turn of events.

When Katara was here with us she was always puzzled when my dogs barked. She would cock her head at the other two but after a bark or two she would sometimes join in whether she knew why or not.

Now she has become something of a watch dog and barks when someone she doesn’t know comes to the door.  Katara is now the lead barker in her home. Go, Katara!

She likes to wrestle with her soft rope and loves her rawhide bones. Hide-n-seek is a favorite game when Marti hides her treats and she finds them. Another fav activity is to cuddle up with Marti and Nya the cat for a nap. Nya, of course, cuddles under Marti’s chin while the dog lays by her legs. Every cat knows that is as it should be.

Not too long after Katara was spayed she got new room mates. Marti’s daughter and son-in-law moved in with their four-legged family. Her best friend is Bellator.

The dogs have their own pecking order and it starts with the alpha. Tosha is a well-trained 90-lb. police dog. Obviously a big dog and magnificent.

Next is Gracie. She is a rescue dog, found wandering a busy highway in Louisiana by  a friend of Chris, Marti’s son-in-law, who was visiting there. One of those dogs known as a licker.

Bellator (Bella) is also a rescue dog with German shepherd coloring but has long ears and a different body shape. About Gracie’s size, a small-medium.

Katara is the youngest. Happy to play and excited her friends have moved in (Marti took her to visit them at her daughter Oleha’s home) she’s the omega in this pack!

Says Marti, “…And all four dogs accept Chris as the alpha of the house! I voted for me, but the dogs weren’t listening.”

Marti recently sent me an email about a comment Katara’s dog groomer made. She thought Katara was a Catahoula. What on earth? I had to look that one up. They are a breed that originates out of Louisiana. Beautiful dogs. Carole, a friend of Marti’s, researched and found a site that states Sibs are one of the founding breeds.

It certainly is possible Katara is a combo of both breeds. There’s quite a few similarities. In the end, as Marti wrote me, it doesn’t matter what her mix is because Katara is Katara and as loveable as they come.

I just love happy endings. Don’t you?

So what’s your favorite happy ending? I’m curious.


Update on Lucky: I heard from the CCSB group, they had good news. Lucky’s eyes are opening more and she has eaten several times since their last update about a week ago.  Yay! They say it’s going to be a long time before she’s in good health but she’s gotten a good start.

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marti Verlander
    May 02, 2011 @ 18:06:49

    You should have seen how excited Katara was when I got home from four days of writers conference! We can’t seem to get enough of each other.

    I’m glad to hear Lucky is doing well. May she make a swift and full recovery.


  2. Diane
    May 02, 2011 @ 18:44:04

    Glad to hear Katara settled into her new home so well.
    Really glad to hear Lucky can open her eyes and can still see enough to find the food. 🙂


  3. Tiffany A White
    May 03, 2011 @ 11:20:06

    What a great feel good story! Two of my three animals are rescues – both from parking lots. I found my Lucky-cat in the parking lot at work when he was just a tiny kitten, completely malnourished and scared to death. My guy found our dog in the parking lot in a different town, obviously dumped after just giving birth. Today, our two rescue animals are as happy & fat as ever!


  4. amyshojai
    Jun 03, 2011 @ 07:58:44

    What a terrific happy ending! Love this–thanks for sharing the update.


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