Tracey Is Fine

I am not putting this under Freaky on Fridays because as I explained to Ruth several blogs ago when you are called because your child has been in a car accident it’s not a freak out but damned stressful.

Tracey was in a car accident Friday night and as it happens we weren’t called but by sheer luck, God looking out for Tracey or whatever you choose to call it we showed up at the scene of the accident. The chick didn’t have her cell phone.

 A couple of days ago Paul and I decided we were going to see the special extended version of the Lord of the Rings films that are showing at a theatre in Greensboro for the next three weeks. From our home it is about a 45 minute drive to get there.

Twice, let me repeat twice, I went to Fandango to purchase tickets on-line but kept thinking no I need to go to the theatre to get the tickets because I was uneasy about buying the tickets online. I had tickets reserved but kept clicking off before the final confirmation.

Paul and I made a night of it. We went to the theatre first and got the tickets for Tuesday night then talked to the ticket guy about Fandango and how it worked. To be honest I felt incredibly dumb for wanting to wait and talk to someone first. Old and dumb but maybe my unease wasn’t about Fandango so much as it was about a premonition of sorts.

Let me also point out that Paul is not fond of going to Greensboro or to the movies. The fact he was so enthusiastic about both was such an unusual response for him I kept wondering if I should check under the bed for a pod or something. Weird.

Next we went to Barnes and Noble and then dinner. The last thing we did was visit Ed Mckay’s Used Books. Ok, I’m a book nerd. By this time I’ve called Tracey several times with no response. The Natural Science Center where she works is in the general area where we were but as far as I knew she should have been home. 

We were supposed to get her something to eat on our way home so I checked with my mom to see if she was there but no such luck.  After I hung up I fussed over her whereabouts as we passed a police car sitting over in a parking lot to our left with its lights flashing. Paul says he thinks that’s Tracey. Huh?

We circled around the block and sure enough it’s Tracey in her car with her very stressed out face staring out at us. We pulled in and Tracey, bless her heart, got out of her car looking very relieved. We could see Tracey was ok. However, the right side of poor Freya (Pontiac Grand AM) was mangled. The other party involved was a family who looked and was fine. Their Subaru or truck or whatever had minimal damage.

What happened? Well Tracey was in the left lane and the other vehicle was in the center lane of a three lane road. Parallel to that road, to the left on another road, is a baseball stadium. The other vehicle tried to turn left from the middle lane on to the road where the stadium is. She saw him start to turn and tried to slam on her breaks but he still hit her car.

He wasn’t nice about it either. Tracey ran over to see if they were ok but his response? It was her fault.  Uh, huh. Speaking as a mom? @#$&*@%! Tracey apologized but she should not have had to. She offered for them to call the insurance companies and let them handle it because no one was hurt.

A caveat: Tracey took criminal justice in college. She already knew he would be ticketed and was trying to be nice. She also explained that to Butthead.

Instead Butthead gets belligerent so Tracey backs off and tells him to call the police. Good thing because a) the police gave Butthead a ticket, b) it turns out Butthead might not have insurance (great) and C) our insurance says it is to our favor that the police were involved.

Paul drove Tracey’s car home and Tracey got in my car with me. As we pulled out Butthead is still trying to argue with the policeman about who was at fault. It was a loud conversation. The policeman told him it didn’t matter what Tracey was doing in her lane because if he’s turning then it is on him to make sure it’s clear.

Well yeah and let’s not forget he was turning from the center lane as he told the policeman.  He-lo, that’s an accident waiting to happen and because of that how could you not know it’s your fault? Butthead.

Why was Butthead arguing about fault? Because Tracey made the mistake of telling him that as she came up beside him she saw his blinkers on and realized she couldn’t slow in time so tried to speed up to get out of his way.

She had no idea he was going to turn when he did but Butthead decides it’s her fault anyway. How’s that for convoluted logic? None of that matters because as Tracey and the police told him it was his job to make sure it was clear before he turned.  That makes sense to me, how about you?

Butthead was so nasty Tracey was afraid to ask if she could use his phone and she was getting worried about what she would do when we showed up. I like to think the police would have helped her but it was better they didn’t have to. Tracey will be keeping that cell phone handy in future.

To her credit Butthead’s wife kept saying she was glad no one was hurt. Me, too. There were two or three small children in their backseat and we were all blessed it wasn’t more serious than a fender bender. I just shudder to think about those babies or my baby being seriously injured.

Tracey’s neck hurts and she has bruises all over. We’ll be taking her to the chiropractor as soon as we can get an appointment. I hope the babies don’t have any pain. They were in such a large vehicle I think they were probably cushioned a bit more than Tracey and hope that was enough to keep them from being sore. They shouldn’t suffer just cause Daddy’s a Butthead and all they wanted was to go to a baseball game.

Paul and I went from scared to death to stressed to relief in a matter of minutes. We are truly grateful our baby is ok and no one else was hurt, even Butthead. Most of all I’m grateful we ended up in the right place at the right time when we were needed. Kind of cool, huh? I mean despite the accident.

We’ll have to wait to see what happens with the insurance and Freya. It’ll be great if the insurance covers most of the cost and even better if it turns out Butthead has insurance. But you know? In the scheme of things it’s just a car. The car being damaged I can live with. One way or another the rest will work out.

I hope and pray.

It is a good thing I have a sense of humor. On the way home Tracey offered me an extra ticket someone from work had to a baseball game on Saturday night at the stadium Butthead was trying to get to. I declined. No need to tempt my luck. Lol.


P.S. Lucky passed on June 8. Her health problems were just too much and she was not able to overcome them. It is with gratitude that I thank Chad and Christina for trying to save her. They have my deepest condolences.

Lucky was blessed in that her final days were spent with people who cared for and loved her. Say a prayer for all the Lucky’s out there. Two or four-legged.

10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Texanne
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 17:24:07

    Poor Tracey! I hope the bruises and soreness pass by quickly. And I hope your insurance company takes Butthead to the cleaners. There’s no excuse for his behavior–and in front of his kids, too! He is training them not to take responsibility for their mistakes. I’m also glad that they were not hurt. Keep us posted on Tracey.

    RIP Lucky. Seems like the Rainbow Bridge has been getting very crowded lately.

    Excellent storytelling, BTW, in your story about Tracey’s evening. :)TX


    • curiocat
      Jun 13, 2011 @ 22:06:01

      Thanks,Texanne. You’re right his behaviour was inexcusable. Because he was so insistant that is wasn’t his fault I want the insurance to contact them and handle it all. We haven’t heard from the insurance company yet. I hope we will Tuesday.


  2. Tiffany A White
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 17:30:18

    I’m glad your daughter is okay! I hate car accidents….and in today’s economy, it makes me even more nervous not knowing if other drivers out there have kept their insurance up to date!


    • curiocat
      Jun 13, 2011 @ 22:12:04

      Thanks. I really hope it turns out this guy has his insurance. You never know when you’re going to run into someone (literally!) that doesn’t have the right coverage.


  3. Ruth
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 19:20:03

    I’m glad to hear Tracey is ok, give her a hug for me.



  4. Diane Mills
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 19:58:58

    Hope Tracey gets over her shock and any bruises quickly.


  5. Shellie Sakai
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 11:58:59

    Thank goodness Tracey is okay! What a horrible experience. Butthead should be made to take drivers education all over again! He will get an even bigger fine if he had no insurance at the time of the accident.

    Please tell her how glad I am that she is okay. 😀


  6. Angela/Curiocat
    Jun 15, 2011 @ 17:19:34

    Thanks, Shellie. I will. We have gotten a call from an insurance company but we’re still playing phone tag. I’ll keep you updated.


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