Do You Remember Where You Were?

Ten years ago on 9/11/2001?

I do. At that time I was working for the Sears Home Improvement division in the Human Resources department. We shared a building with Sears Teleservice and a young woman from that side started crying and hollering then ran out into the hallway.

I followed her along with several supervisors and when I saw she was in good hands I went back to my side of the building. It was a short time later I found out she was from New York and a relative had called to tell her the news of the World Trade Centers.

Some people told me I was cold that day. I didn’t mean to be. I just remember thinking I would not be upset, I would be strong and I was not going to let terrorists make me afraid. Their comments hurt but I shrugged them off, told them I cared as much as they did and kept doing what needed to be done.

Accordingly I made supervisors tell their people to stay in their seats, if they wanted to go home they were advised they could go and I made sure they had access to tv screens if they stayed. We sure as hell weren’t getting any calls.

Did I do the right things that day? I don’t know. I know I regret not going home, getting my girls out of school and just holding them. Instead I worked all day doing my job, going to meetings while helping to make sure people stayed calm. After work I went by the mall as a symbolic gesture. What I was thinking I don’t know, it seems silly now. I suppose it was again my way of saying I will not be afraid.

When I got home we all crawled in the bed and watched the horrendous events of the day on the news and cried. One of the things that stand out for me was President Bush’s speech that evening. I was not a fan of Bush. I voted against him. Twice. But the speech he made that day was good if not great. It offered solace, strength and hope, something we all needed.

It is a speech that is worth repeating on today of all days. A warning ahead of time. There are horrible photos included in this video and this was one of the less upsetting ones I reviewed. The music is a bit distracting but over all it is a good video.

Whether you’re a fan of Bush or not I hope you take it as it’s meant to be, a remembrance in honor of 9/11.

If you don’t want to listen to President Bush speechify then I urge you to watch this video. It is excellent and I’m glad I looked around some more and found it. I love it. If anything about 9/11 can be called upbeat then this video would be it and the music is perfect.


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