Just Call Me Nonna

If you haven’t seen the photos of Faith I put up on Friday and you want to then please click here.

So we had the baby shower March 31. I will share a few photos from the shower on Friday because I think they’re worth sharing. We had a great time; John and Holly got a lot of gifts they were thrilled with for Faith.

After the shower it was time to recover. Holly and John went to scout out some job offers leaving Rex with me. The plan being that Paul and I would take Rex to Maryland in about two weeks, stay a couple of days to help Holly get the nursery ready then come home. After about a week I would go back to stay with them until Faith was born and a bit afterwards to help out.

The best laid plans never happen.

I was having a bit of a rough time there for about two weeks after the shower because my heart kept fluttering and I was so tired. Paul thought it was because I’d been stressing, not getting enough rest and just not eating right. All too true. I tried to rest, eat right and feel better while getting ready for the trip to Maryland. By April 13th I felt pretty good so we set out to take Rex home.

All was going well, I was still feeling good, Paul was fine.  Rex was ok because in dog years he’s a lot older than us and it’s a bit stressful for him, physically, to travel. Mentally he’s all for it but his body can’t keep up with his heart and mind as much as he’d like it to these days.

About an hour from Frederick Holly calls us, in shock. It seems the doctor made the decision to induce labor early. Holly’s ultrasound showed a clot that was not there the last couple of times she’d had one done.  So Sunday, 4/15/2012 was the date. Six, are you kidding me, a.m. I’m not sure which had me more horrified: the news of a possible clot or having to be somewhere so freakin’ early.

When we got there Holly, the super woman, was already washing and sorting baby clothes according to size and weather. While we worked on that, Paul went to work on putting together the crib. He needed a part before he could finish it so we met John at Applebys to eat then went to the pediatrician’s office so John and Holly could interview them.  It was a nice office and huge. They assured Holly and John that as a newborn Faith would be a high priority in their busy office. So they had a pediatrician.

After the appointment we picked up the part needed and went home to do some more organizing and cleaning. Super woman got up at six freakin’ a.m. on Saturday to take Rex for a bath appointment at Petsmart then came home to drag my sleepy rear out of the bed. John tried to tattle tale because I was brushing my hair and checking my email at the same time. I smugly showed off the brush and promised payback.

We ran to a yard sale but didn’t get anything then went on to Toys R Us where we found a cute swing for Faith. They didn’t have it in stock right then but they could have it by 4pm. While still there Holly got another call. It was the hospital saying to forget that six freakin’ a.m. appointment on Sunday, come tonight at six p.m. Oh and by the way eat a good meal because we plan to starve you for the next couple of days. Yay. Just what any expectant mom and her family wants to hear.

We went back to her house and finished cleaning and organizing the nursery. Here it is:

After picking up Rex and pet supplies Holly was supposed to rest but she kept thinking of things to do.  We made calls to other family members, went to pick up the swing and then went to eat at Famous Dave’s BBQ place. Pretty good food for a last meal, as it were. Great service, too.

At the hospital Holly was given some meds to start the inducing process. We were told it could take several days. Again the best laid plains, not. Paul and I left after an hour or so, promising to be back, at a decent time, on Sunday.  When we got there Sunday morning Holly had been given more meds and was getting uncomfortable.

In no time it was clear labor would not take a couple of days. It was going to be soon, very soon. By 1pm or so Gail, Tracey and J.R. had arrived from N.C. and we stayed together in the maternity waiting room.

As you can see we tried to keep ourselves entertained. We played some guessing games about anything from the time Faith would be born to what her weight would be. None of us had it right. I think J.R. was closest to time and we were all way off about her weight. Everyone had her over 7lbs which, of course, she wasn’t.

I’m not showing the picture John sent out over the phone to everyone when Faith was born because she will be mortified when she gets older but Gail alerted us when she heard her phone go off there was news. Our granddaughter/niece was born.

There was some drama. When she was born there was a brief scare because the cord was wrapped around her neck and she wasn’t breathing. The hospital staff was just about ready to rush her out to work on her when she did start to cry, thank goodness. After she was checked over thoroughly and Holly cleaned up we got to come in and see them briefly.

The link to this video is private so I can’t embed. But check out Faith and John on YouTube here. You really can’t tell from the videos or the photos of Faith but she looked a bit like Gumby for a while. She had a hemotoma on her head so it was bit lopsided until recently but it didn’t matter because she was beautiful.  Now she has a perfectly rounded little head and is still beautiful.

Here’s a photo with Tracey, Holly and Faith. Paul is in the background and John is just…hanging out.

Still more drama was to come. Later after Holly was settled in her postpartum room the nurse brought Faith in and advised she had a heart murmur. When babies are born part of their heart closes off automatically but Faith’s had not done that yet therefore the murmur. They expected it to close off within the next couple of days.

So we take them home on Tuesday. This video has Faith dressed up waiting to be released. You can hear a bit of Faith, a bit of me, a bit of Holly, Gail and the news in the background or turn down the sound. It’s up to you. Later on Tuesday Gail, J.R., Paul and Tracey leave to go home leaving me to stay with the new parents.

A hospital volunteer waits with us while John brings around the car:

Unloading the car:

On Wednesday Holly and John take Faith to the pediatrician. Faith has a bit of jaundice and she still has a heart murmur so the doctor recommended she go to a pediatric cardiologist. John, bless his heart, gets on the phone and calls till he finds one who will see her on Thursday, about 40 minutes away. Holly in the meantime is still very uncomfortable because of stitches and well, duh, she just had a baby.

Thursday, the pediatric cardiologist gives Faith a clean bill of health. He does all the tests needed and says her heart is just fine, thank you very much, it’s just taking a bit of time to close off that valve. On Friday the pediatrician says the jaundice is better and we’re starting to feel better about things. Well, hallelujah.

Everything that is but Holly’s poor abused bottom. By Friday night she was in agony and on Saturday she goes to the Emergency room. Super woman has been trying to do too much. Well, I can’t blame her for the long trip on Thursday cause I would have done it, too. Actually I did do it but I just hadn’t given birth, lol. At any rate it was time for her to take it easy and let her body heal.

I went home the following Tuesday just as Gail was coming back to stay until the weekend with the new mom and dad. Tracey and I went back to MD on the following Monday and stayed until Saturday. Saturday was fun. Holly and Tracey drove in one car with Faith and Rex. I drove the other car with Belle Amie and Jade. Try driving over eight hours with a newborn and three dogs. One of whom gagged the first couple of hours with an upset stomach. That was my Belle Amie. All I can say is God was watching out for us cause I stopped that car, not thinking, in the middle of the highway. I thought she was gonna puke on the seats. She didn’t and there were no cars behind me. I worked my guardian angel out but good.

About half way home to N.C. we ran into, what I presume, was a car wreck at about ten or eleven p.m. We sat for about thirty to forty minutes before Holly detoured, per the GPS, through the wilds. For a while there I didn’t think we were going to see civilization ever again.

Finally, early Sunday morning, we got to Gail’s house. We left Holly and Faith there and took the dogs to my house. The next several days we went back forth between houses, spending the night with Faith and Holly until Gail and J.R. came back from their trip.

So there you have it.  We’ve been working as a family to support Holly and John and our new baby Faith for the last month or so. All of us. New parents, grandparents and aunt. We are all a family and I’m thankful for this coming together as family and as friends. It has been fun. It has been exhausting. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We’ve been so blessed.

Oh, yes. Somewhere in that time Holly did go to the cardiovascular surgeon. The vein in the area where she has a stint in her leg from the previous clot has narrowed. It seems the ultrasound was misread. That’s ok. I’m just grateful there’s no clot. I couldn’t have gotten any better news than my baby is ok, too.

So there you have a condensed account of my first month as a new grandma. I decided I wanted to be different and have Faith call me Nonna if she cooperates. As a tot Holly decided her grandma was Memew and her grandpa was Opah and there was no changing her mind. The other grandchildren dutifully followed her lead. I expect Faith will take after her mama and decide for herself. That’s ok. I’m all for independent thinkers.

Here’s another video of Faith hiccuping. I can’t promise but I will try not to be too obnoxious with the proud grandma stuff.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Diane J. Cornwell
    May 21, 2012 @ 06:27:18

    Enjoy every moment, Nonna.


  2. Angela/Curiocat
    May 28, 2012 @ 22:47:49

    I’m trying. There will never be enough moments that’s for sure.


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