Friday Photos: A Froggy Shower

The baby shower continued our theme of frogs and roses.  We also decided to invite women and men to come. My brother kept saying, “I’ve never been to one of these before.” I think he was in shock but I also don’t think it was too hard on him.

All the guys seemed to enjoy themselves and it was fun to have them there. Men should go to baby showers, especially the dad; if it weren’t for dad there wouldn’t be a baby. Besides that, who doesn’t like to open gifts? John got a kick out of it as much as Holly did.

Baby showers, weddings and other events of this nature are great because you get to see family and friends you haven’t seen in a while. The drawback is there doesn’t seem to be enough time to do everything you want.  It was wonderful to meet new friends and see old ones.

I just wish I could have visited more with everyone on an individual basis. For instance my friend, Ruth, I haven’t seen in months and my friend, Marion, in over a year. I tried to sit with them and visit a little bit but there definitely wasn’t enough time.

Photos help preserve those memories even when the people you love can’t be around. Fortunately for me I do have a camera and I didn’t hesitate to use it. Come see.


Holly’s corsage reflected her rose and frog theme.

John and Paul in front of our venue, Mimis Cafe.


Judy, John’s aunt, out did herself on the cake. It’s beautiful.

Another view of the cake.

The cake maker herself.



Family and friends:

Amber and Jenny with Holly and John.

John and Holly with John’s brother Matt.

Tracey, Leia hiding behind Tracey and by now I think you know Holly and John.

You know who posing with John’s parents, Gail and J.R.

My friend, Ruth. I don’t know those people behind her. 😉

Carson, my dad. Some couple in the middle who butted in for no reason. My mom, Mary. Me.

Marion is in the middle of those party crashers. A couple of weeks ago I asked when we visited her with Faith if all those years ago when she first took Holly under her wing as a volunteer at the Greensboro Natural Science Center (Marion is the volunteer coordinator there) she thought that she’d one day be holding Holly’s baby. She laughed and said, “Well I feel pretty old now.” Holly was thirteen and Tracey was a little younger when they started volunteering for her. Actually, I’m feeling a little old now myself. Lol.

With one of Gail’s friends, Linda.

Amanda with her son Landon and that annoying couple again.

Posing with another of Gail’s friends. I think her name was Linda, too.

My brother Scott and his girlfriend, Tammy with the expectant parents.




We kept the games simple.  The first game we played worked in several different ways. The guests filled out envelopes with their name and address. We placed the envelopes in a basket to draw for a gift card. Then we used the envelopes to send out the thank you cards that had their picture with Holly and John in them. Pretty cool, huh? The other games we played were mad lib and pin the diaper on the balloon.

Tracey and Leia


Stan and Matt


Diana and Amanda




I was disappointed because I was not able to get more pictures of the gift unwrapping. Here’s the few that I got:

Isn’t this diaper cake gorgeous? The butterflies fit in well with our theme. Martha, Paul’s aunt by marriage and a good friend, brought it. Her granddaughter, Keana, made it.

Here’s Martha and her daughter Diana with the dynamic duo.


I think it went well, don’t you?


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