About Writing On Wednesday: A Patriotic Concert and Writing Biz

The Concert:

Please enjoy some music while you read the post although if you’re interested in seeing the groovy moves of the 70’s you might want to watch the first video, :-).


Music and dance popular around 1776:



Fife and drums:



From the movie The Patriot:



Jimi Hendrix and Whitney Houston have performed unforgettable versions of The Star Spangled Banner. Even Slash performs a decent variant. Now here comes Madison Rising with their excellent rendition:


Happy Fourth of July!


Writing Biz:

There are several things I want to share.

First is news about To Touch A Unicorn. I did get an email advising I have been assigned a new editor who should contact me in the next couple of weeks. I both dread and look forward to it. What I look forward to is learning from a professional on how to make my story a better one. I just hope I’m up to the task. My fingers are crossed.

Dread is because at some point, once the revisions are complete, the story gets published. I know, I know. That is the point. But what if no one likes it? I’m afraid I’ll run the first time someone (readers) hollers, “Boo!” Not everyone will like what I write, I know that in my head, but will I be strong enough to keep going in my heart?

Second, I want to point to the excellent blog about self publishing versus traditional publishing my friend Diane wrote. She does a good job of explaining why it’s all about being professional. While you’re there check out the new fantastic covers for her Broken series.

Third, Tracey and I finished our writing prompts from last week. We both ended up with over a thousand words. She has stated she doesn’t want to share hers although I think she should since it is a good read. I feel squeamish about putting up my story, too. What I will do is put up the revised beginning:

The back door was open. Scarlett Miller paused in her kitchen to stare. Oh, God. This is bad. She called Ginger, her German Shepherd mix, to her side before approaching the door cautiously. An old trunk full of books sat sideways in front it; moving the trunk to the side, she opened the door the rest of the way. She and Ginger looked outside.

It was the first snowfall of the year, the pristine beauty marred by tracks leading up the steps. They did not belong to Scarlett or her companion. Ginger growled. When Scarlett looked down she could see the hair standing on the dog’s back.

A chill worked its way down her back raising goose bumps on arms. The lid on the dark well in her mind blew off. Memory’s dark tendrils began to ghost out. Almost paralyzed in fear, she slapped the well’s lid back down. If she lost it now, she was doomed.

Calming, she knew two things stopped the intruder from coming in: an old trunk full of books and her dog. Patting Ginger on the head she said, “Good girl. You get a steak tonight.” Still a little shaky, Scarlett called the police before getting her camera.


Tracey tells me she didn’t like the part about the well and I just realized I mention the trunk twice.  I’m not going to correct it for now. I’ll set the story aside and maybe come back to it later.

What’s your favorite patriotic music? How do you feel about publishing? Do you have plans on the fourth of July? What have you written lately? Have you ever played a fife or banged on a drum? Are you in the mood for a revolution?


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Texanne
    Jul 04, 2012 @ 20:43:23

    With the holiday coming in the middle of the week, there’s not time for getting away from the house, down to the lake or something. Well, around here, it’s a lake or it’s nothing. We’re far from an ocean or a mountain.

    Time enough to give thanks for the truly daring men who risked their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to bring us the freedom we are currently pissing away. And to give thanks to the brave and selfless men and women who are now fighting to keep for us what we seem not to value. Independence.

    Publishing: It’s scary to turn your work over to someone else, someone who has power over it, not only from a legal and financial standpoint, but who also has the robe of “expert” and “authority.” It will be harder than you figured, but when it’s all finished, it will be better than you imagined.

    Writing: And anytime someone says “Boo” to you about your writing (or anything else, come to think of it) just make a note to give that nasty person a nasty death in the next novel.

    I liked your vignette and could see it as part of a suspense novel. :)TX


    • curiocat
      Jul 06, 2012 @ 15:36:34

      Texanne, I couldn’t agree more. There are too many people who don’t want to be the adult. So what it comes down to is they are willing to exchange their independence (and ours) for no responsibility. I never thought, in my lifetime, I would fear for my country, my children and grandchild’s future but I do now.

      The anticipation of getting this story published is killing me but then I then I think, “No, wait. I’m not ready.” Lol. It’ll happen. Deep breaths.

      Lol. What a great idea to write a nasty character based on my ‘boo’gey man. Some of these people ending up on bad author lists should take your advice because it’s much more fun.

      Thanks, I’m glad you liked the beginning of First Snowfall. I’m tweaking on it. Diane did a critique for me. If you’re interested in reading the whole thing shoot me an email.


  2. Diane J Mills
    Jul 04, 2012 @ 23:06:33

    Happy Independence Day. 🙂
    Also, thanks for the pointer to my blog. 🙂


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