About Writing on Wednesdays: Updates on To Touch A Unicorn and First Snowfall

Well, I’m here in Maryland and have been for nearly two weeks. I was supposed to go home last Friday but the car broke down in Virginia. Fortunately it was late in the afternoon so the heat wasn’t too bad for humans or dogs. Thank goodness because Rex has a hard time in very hot weather. Still, it was hot enough that he whined a bit.  As a matter of fact I whined, too. Belle Amie and Paul did pretty good. Hot, thirsty, and in Paul’s case very dirty from working on the car, we all survived.

The editor from Buzzy Mag contacted me last week while I was here in Maryland about To Touch A Unicorn. I have to admit I was a little intimidated and put off reading her comments until this week. But honestly? When I finally read them it wasn’t bad. Everything she pointed out was dead on and I have no problem with making the changes. My feelings are not hurt and it is a lot like working with Beta Readers. I love working on the story to make it a great read.

Diane and Terry both beta read First Snowfall for me and loved the story. They tell me it’s creepy. Yay! I finished the edits they suggested in the middle of the night this week. There was no else around except me, Rex and Belle Amie. My own story creeped me out. Belle Amie kept barking and shaking at nothing. I’m pretty sure I just made this story up in my head. Didn’t I? o_o

After the story marinates a few days I’ll read over it, during the day, and send it off to see if anyone wants to publish it. I’m crossing my fingers. Many thanks and much appreciation to Diane and Terry for their time, critiques and encouragement.

The sequel to To Touch A Unicorn is in the works. I had to trash most of it although I hope to salvage some scenes. The fact I was having such a hard time moving forward in the story should have been a big clue I was writing in the wrong direction. I like the new start better and hope to have the story finished soon. It may end up being a novella. I’ll find out once I sit down to plot a few scenes. I should have done that to begin with anyway. I do know better.

Moonfire is calling to me. You know? My writing has grown and I might just be ready to get back to that story and get her done. One thing I’ve realized is that I was trying to write to an agenda. There are certain elements in the story that make it easy to cross a line and sermonize instead of telling a great story. I have enough maturity as a writer now to recognize that fact and hopefully fix it.






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Get off, get off, get off. GET OFF!

Last night I had all the lights turned off watching tv. It’s around 2:00 a.m. Rex was at my feet, Bellie Amie snuggled on one side and Jazper crouched on the other.  We were watching a classic horror movie, Silver Bullet, with Corey Haim, Megan Follows, Gary Busey and Everett McGill (no relation). I was enjoying myself and relaxed after a spurt of cleaning.

***Possible Spoiler Alert!***

It was close to the finale. You know where Gary Busey is telling the kids to go to bed? They’re protesting, he’s saying I’ll wait up but you guys are going to bed. Just at that moment I felt something tickle my leg. I waggled it back and forth thinking it was a cat passing under.

But instead of going away, something crawled up my leg; I looked down and saw a huge silhouette skitter across my leg.


Screaming and shaking my leg accompanied by the “Get Off!” refrain I jumped up. It’s nice to know I can still dance.

Can you see it?  The culprit seems to be a wolf spider. You can’t tell from the photo but the sucker was so big I couldn’t use a regular jar to catch it. I had to use a vase.

I woke Tracey up with my screams. She couldn’t see it at first; it had to move away from my flailing limbs as I danced around it before she could. When she does see it, the darling child (not) proclaims it’s all mine. To her credit, she did suggest the vase.

In the mean time Jazper, along with the rest of the cats, has disappeared. Rex, the coward, ran all the way to another room to stand near the backdoor and watch my groovy moves in amazement. Belle Amie, sweetie that she is, just watches the whole thing with interest.

Once caught, the spider wasn’t to happy. I didn’t care; it was lucky I had the vase and didn’t have to squish it. The whole incident inspired Rex to go outside. While he was busy doing that we took the spider and dumped it near the woods. Where, I’m sure, it will terrorize all the other spiders and insects in the vicinity.

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Freaky on Friday: Talking Dogs

My youngest daughter Tracey has an irritating habit of saying, “So?” On a regular basis I have to remind her that I don’t ‘sew’ and advise it’s really irritating when she does that. Most of the time she just does it to annoy me. I put up with it but it’s really going too far when the dog starts doing it.

Jade is our black lab. Technically Jade was a birthday gift to Tracey about six and a half years ago from my mother who also got Jade’s sister, Cheyenne, for herself.  Tracey potty trained her and suffered the dreaded cutting of the teeth that all dogs go through. Jade chewed through many an expensive item in Tracey’s room. 

That being said Jade belongs to all of us. I feed Jade the same time I feed my dog, Belle Amie (a mixed feist). If Tracey isn’t home then Jade spends her time with us and on occasion that means she sleeps with me and Paul at the foot of our bed. At times she’ll crawl up beside me just as I’m waking up to get her head and ears rubbed.

On this particular occasion Jade had crawled up beside me while Belle Amie stayed down by my feet. While I was rubbing her head Jade’s tail was whomping poor Belle Amie across the face. I said to Jade, “You’re tail is smacking Belle across the face.” I swear Jade’s mouth opened and what came out was, “So?”  It woke me up and freaked me out!

You’re right, you’re right it probably was the combination of me being half a sleep and a groan from Jade when I hit a good spot but still, it sounded pretty darn close. Freaky.

Curio’s Past, Shhh.