About Writing on Wednesdays: What’s Up?

Well, I’ve been writing of course.

You might be surprised to know I have blogs written but not posted. Most are 3/4 written or just need to be polished up but I’ve yet to do this. I may never post them and just start over.

The problem is allergies are killing me this year. Not literally of course but there’s been a couple of days all I could do was just boil some water with sage in it and ride out the runny nose, coughing, sneezing in the bed with a box of tissues.  The worst part is when my eyes swell, itch and water making it difficult to see let alone type.

I bought one of those sinus cleaners and I came to the conclusion all that controversy about water boarding may be exaggerated. Cause hel-lo, Americans pay good money to waterboard themselves when they purchase one of these products. I thought I was going to drown myself the first time I tried it last night.

Huh? Oh, yeah. Right. Writing.


I Have Awesome Daughters

Holly and John came down for the Memorial Day weekend. Because I was very sick and still running a temperature on Thursday and Friday they only visited long enough on Thursday to drop off my four-legged grandson, Rex.

A Monday little freak: I think my being sick kind of freaked John out, not that I blame him. Who wants flu/virus thingy germs? Not me. It’s a nasty bug.

We did get to spend some of the weekend with each other but I didn’t have a clue as to what my chicks had been up to.

Holly and Tracey conspired together on Friday. They went to a little place called the Mad Platter Pottery where you can paint your own pottery or dishes.

Tracey gave me the result on Tuesday. A belated Mom’s day gift that makes it all worth the effort. Not the gift itself, although it is wonderful, but the caring and thought that went into this precious gift.

They painted a replica of my muse, Curiocat, for me. I wish I had the words. Love is in every stroke and in every detail. It went up in the window of the magical curio cabinet with the other little treasures in there. The cabinet sits behind me so I can look over my shoulder for inspiration and gain strength from the love it represents. 

Thank you very much girls. I love you, too.

Curio’s Past, Shhh.