Freaky on Friday: Talking Dogs

My youngest daughter Tracey has an irritating habit of saying, “So?” On a regular basis I have to remind her that I don’t ‘sew’ and advise it’s really irritating when she does that. Most of the time she just does it to annoy me. I put up with it but it’s really going too far when the dog starts doing it.

Jade is our black lab. Technically Jade was a birthday gift to Tracey about six and a half years ago from my mother who also got Jade’s sister, Cheyenne, for herself.  Tracey potty trained her and suffered the dreaded cutting of the teeth that all dogs go through. Jade chewed through many an expensive item in Tracey’s room. 

That being said Jade belongs to all of us. I feed Jade the same time I feed my dog, Belle Amie (a mixed feist). If Tracey isn’t home then Jade spends her time with us and on occasion that means she sleeps with me and Paul at the foot of our bed. At times she’ll crawl up beside me just as I’m waking up to get her head and ears rubbed.

On this particular occasion Jade had crawled up beside me while Belle Amie stayed down by my feet. While I was rubbing her head Jade’s tail was whomping poor Belle Amie across the face. I said to Jade, “You’re tail is smacking Belle across the face.” I swear Jade’s mouth opened and what came out was, “So?”  It woke me up and freaked me out!

You’re right, you’re right it probably was the combination of me being half a sleep and a groan from Jade when I hit a good spot but still, it sounded pretty darn close. Freaky.

Curio’s Past, Shhh.