Have You Ever Borrowed Something?

And  you know, kept it? Yeah, I’m afraid so. I borrowed something and somehow it kept showing back up in my bathroom when I technically no longer need it. I blame the gremlins.

Here’s the scoop. My comb went missing for about a day. This is serious as anyone with frizzy and/or curly hair can testify to. I’ve had it for years; how the heck could it go missing? I looked high and low for it as my hair got more knotted and more tangled. 

My husband looked with no luck and after searching most of the day I gave up. My daughter kindly agreed to let me use her old Suave brush. No good deed goes unpunished.

It’s been years since I used a brush because I always preferred to use a comb. My thought was that combs work tangles better and they’re easier to carry. That may be true but a comb does not make your scalp or hair feel the way a good brushing does.

What was wrong with me? I love, love brushing my hair; long, deep strokes. After a good brush my scalp tingles, my hair is shiny and soft with just a few ripples to make it interesting. I’m afraid I’m addicted.

I found the comb stuck in some laundry. How’d it get there? Shrug. Could have been the gremlins, I guess. Don’t know but it explains how a large neon-orange comb can go missing.

Tracey tried to take her brush back but I…er the gremlins kept sneaking into her bathroom and take it back. Sigh. I knew I needed to buy one but I liked hers and it was fun…umm I mean I fussed about those gremlins moving her brush around.

It is not always a good thing to lose something. If it’s your wallet or purse it’s a disaster. At best it’s usually an inconvenience but in this particular case if I had not lost the comb I would not have discovered the simple joy of brushing my hair. Better late than never.

I did go buy another brush. It’s a Goody brand that is supposed to help keep the frizz down. I’m told it isn’t working. Oh, well.

Tracey let me keep her brush, too. I like it because of the size. Thanks, Tracey! Now I’ve got back up in case those gremlins get active again.

Which do you prefer, brushing or combing? What positive experience began with a negative one? Do gremlins live in your home?


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It Freaked Me Out!

It could be just a small thing, really. Just a blip but it catches your attention. The blip grows and consumes your mind until all you can think about is it.

It being that freaky thing that you can’t believe just happened, almost did happen or could have happened.

Freak outs can be something out of the ordinary, scary, gross or funny depending on the point of view. It can even be a dance. Who knew?

This post has been a long time in coming. Three months to be exact. Since the idea first came to mind two more freaky things have happened and I thought I better get the post written before a book needs to be written instead.

I was freaked out when someone tried to get into my pay pal account in March. Now you might say, “Chill, Angela. It was probably a mistake. Someone was off a number.”

Huh. Maybe, but it was my account and it was someone from Virginia. Pay Pal could tell me that much when they contacted me. A friend told me my card number could be traced back to my Pay Pal account. Pay Pal had not heard of this so I don’t know if it is true or not. I just know I was just in Virginia a couple of days before the incident occurred.

So I called the stores where I used my card to tell them. I called the bank who couldn’t tell me if there was such a scam or not. There’s nothing on the internet about it. So maybe my friend was talking out his ear?

As I thought about canceling my card my new card arrived that same day so I just activated it. There’s been no other problems. No more freaking out.

Mri’s freak me out. They are so not my thing and I just recently had another one. Everyone laughs at me when I talk about it and wonder why I have such a problem. They have never had a mri so I don’t think they should talk until they do.

Open mri’s are the only way I can have them done and I still have to have a cloth over my eyes and I still have a minor panic attack when I go in. It feels almost like I’m being smothered or I’m going to get stuck. This latest one was in the shape of a yummy dessert, a doughnut. Even that didn’t help. Ugh.

A freak out within a freak out. I have a cyst in my brain which fortunately doesn’t seem to be a growing cyst. Or not, as the neurologist put it, a ‘fast’ growing cyst. It can still grow and I have to “watch” for unusual stuff that may or may not happen. Great.

Not only does hair in my food freak me out but it makes me puke, too. Yuk! We ordered pizza last Sunday from Pizza Hut. I took a bite out of my slice and…I can’t talk about it any more. It’s just gross and you get the picture.

So what freaks you out?

Curio’s Past, Shhh.