About Writing on Wednesdays: Will Be Friday

On another blog.

Sue Santore asked me to visit and write a guest post on her blog. She told me the post will be up this Friday on October 14, 2011. Yay! I’m thrilled and hope she’ll return the favor to me in the near future.

We met through How to Think Sideways and started to follow each other on Twitter. She posts on two blogs, her own and another called Independent Bookworm with some other writers. Sue plays a mountain dulcimer and she quilts. Oh, man that’s awesome. Maybe she’ll talk about one or both of these subjects for us.

You know this is my first guest post. Yikes. Talk about nervous. My first thought after saying yes was, are you crazy? What are you going to write about? Then I read the Daily Literary Quote I subscribe to.

I’m beginning to wonder about them. They seem to have a good deal of foresight where my writing and life is concerned or vice versa. Either way they seem to come up with something good for me every time I need it. A quote by Ursula K. Le Guin inspired the post I did for Sue.

Hope to see y’all on Friday.

Oh, and since I’m in the mood here’s a music video inspired by the Steampunk genre in a Halloween sort of way.




About Writing on Wednesdays: What’s Up?

Well, I’ve been writing of course.

You might be surprised to know I have blogs written but not posted. Most are 3/4 written or just need to be polished up but I’ve yet to do this. I may never post them and just start over.

The problem is allergies are killing me this year. Not literally of course but there’s been a couple of days all I could do was just boil some water with sage in it and ride out the runny nose, coughing, sneezing in the bed with a box of tissues.  The worst part is when my eyes swell, itch and water making it difficult to see let alone type.

I bought one of those sinus cleaners and I came to the conclusion all that controversy about water boarding may be exaggerated. Cause hel-lo, Americans pay good money to waterboard themselves when they purchase one of these products. I thought I was going to drown myself the first time I tried it last night.

Huh? Oh, yeah. Right. Writing.


About Writing on Wednesdays: Rules For Writers

Every writer has his or her own approach to writing but when we write the same basic rules apply to all of us. Most rules are inviolate, some are more like guidelines while other rules are made to be broken.

As writer’s we want to use our voice to create characters and worlds that has readers coming back for more.  Whether we break or bend the rules or not we are manipulating them to create our own unique voice.

The trick is to know which is what. Got that? The first rule before breaking the rules is to know the rules. You have to know what you’re doing and why before you decide not to do it.

The Ten Rules About Writing panel was hosted by Amy Sturgis, Faith Hunter and Allen Wold at Stellarcon.  They had a lot more than ten and I added to their list. The distinction between rules that can not be broken or bent and the ones that can are my own.


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