Update, Holly’s Column and Kansas City, MO Pics

Hello! Hope your weekend was a good one.

Holly’s new column is out. There won’t be many more because she’ll be in nursing school this fall. Yay!


 The reason why I have not put up photos from Missouri before now is because I’m overwhelmed from the sheer number of pictures I took.

What I’ve decided to do is pick my favorites and put them up over the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy.

These pictures are of Kansas City:





It’s a lovely city and I definitely didn’t get to see enough of it. I hope I get to visit again someday.


Some news. We found out Butthead did not get a ticket. The reason he was arguing was because he wanted Tracey to get one. Gah! At this point I don’t care because his insurance company has agreed to accept liability. They did total the car but Tracey’s neck is still hurting and she’s on meds so no settlement yet.


Tracey Is Fine

I am not putting this under Freaky on Fridays because as I explained to Ruth several blogs ago when you are called because your child has been in a car accident it’s not a freak out but damned stressful.

Tracey was in a car accident Friday night and as it happens we weren’t called but by sheer luck, God looking out for Tracey or whatever you choose to call it we showed up at the scene of the accident. The chick didn’t have her cell phone.

 A couple of days ago Paul and I decided we were going to see the special extended version of the Lord of the Rings films that are showing at a theatre in Greensboro for the next three weeks. From our home it is about a 45 minute drive to get there.

Twice, let me repeat twice, I went to Fandango to purchase tickets on-line but kept thinking no I need to go to the theatre to get the tickets because I was uneasy about buying the tickets online. I had tickets reserved but kept clicking off before the final confirmation.

Paul and I made a night of it. We went to the theatre first and got the tickets for Tuesday night then talked to the ticket guy about Fandango and how it worked. To be honest I felt incredibly dumb for wanting to wait and talk to someone first. Old and dumb but maybe my unease wasn’t about Fandango so much as it was about a premonition of sorts.

Let me also point out that Paul is not fond of going to Greensboro or to the movies. The fact he was so enthusiastic about both was such an unusual response for him I kept wondering if I should check under the bed for a pod or something. Weird.

Next we went to Barnes and Noble and then dinner. The last thing we did was visit Ed Mckay’s Used Books. Ok, I’m a book nerd. By this time I’ve called Tracey several times with no response. The Natural Science Center where she works is in the general area where we were but as far as I knew she should have been home. 

We were supposed to get her something to eat on our way home so I checked with my mom to see if she was there but no such luck.  After I hung up I fussed over her whereabouts as we passed a police car sitting over in a parking lot to our left with its lights flashing. Paul says he thinks that’s Tracey. Huh?


Curio’s Past, Shhh.