For Writers on Wednesdays: Making Sausage

What does making sausages have to do with writing? A lot more than you would think. Confused? Trust me by the end of this discussion you’ll understand.

Making sausages was the name of the panel consisting of Allen Wold, Theresa Bane, Barbara Friend Ish, and Debra Killen at Stellarcon. The title confused me so I nearly missed this fascinating discussion until I read the description. As it was I did come in late but not so late I missed too much.

For the last several months the writing world has been in an uproar over ebooks and their sudden surge in popularity. Many believed the time for ebooks had not arrived but they were wrong. Now the world of writers and publishing is in a state of flux where no one knows how it will end. 

Every writer and their blog has at least one discussion about indie versus traditional publishing. Should you or shouldn’t you? A question that may never be answered to some’s satisfaction. The panel I attended wasn’t about this highly volatile subject but something as important. The benefits of small publishing versus big publishing.


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