Fat Tuesday: A Successful Failure

This past week was a failure due to eating ice cream last Tuesday and baked homemade peanut butter cookies on Friday and Saturday. The ice cream cheered me because I got depressed.



Tracey and her coworkers are to blame for my fall from grace with the cookies. They sent Tracey home to beg nicely for a batch.  I did get a thank you card but a photo of cute little Meerkats from the Natural Science Center aren’t going to cancel out those calories although I appreciate the thought.

Last week was a success only because I didn’t gain weight.  And while I did eat a whole box of  York  peppermint patty ice cream I kept it to that day only. The same with the cookies. I made them very early Friday morning and managed to keep the gluttony to a minimum. Yay, me. Kinda.

July the fourth I did excellent. No cravings or anything. Maybe it was a bad strategy to ignore all those cravings and that’s why I caved. At any rate except for those days I did pretty good. What do you think?

Dessert free since Saturday. Three days and counting.

Goals: Gotta work on keeping those carbs down, they’ve sneaked up on me.


Some music to cheer us up:


I love peppermint patty candy and ice cream, what’s your favorite candy?  Do you have a strategy for eating better?





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