Irene’s Outer Bits

On Saturday, August 27, 2011 the most of Hurricane Irene we saw was her rear as she passed wind our way around 15-20 miles per hour.  It was the nicest end she had. There were some clouds that floated around looking dark and ominous bringing no rain.

This really isn’t a dramatic video of Hurricane Irene. Far from it. The most excitement in here is Lakota (the black cat), Shades (dilute tort) and some trash blowing around in the yard. You can hear Fox news in the background talking about the hurricane.

Please take this in the spirit it is meant, me playing with the camera and YouTube. Next step is to figure out how to edit along with any other cool thing I can find or do.

 Photos from Yahoo:

Photos from Fox news:,0,5891401.photogallery





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